Monday , January 17 2022

Bolsonaro's criticism of IBGE "dangerous", says the ILO economy


The International Labor Organization (ILO) has come to defend IBGE because of statements by elected president Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), where he disqualifies the production of unemployment data in the country. One of the members of the Board sought the IMF and the OECD to demand vigilance for any new government measures.

Bolsonaro called the current number, published every month by the agency, linked to the planning ministry and said it will change the calculation method of unemployment. Rafael Diez de Medina, statistical director and director of the ILO statistical department, said the statement "dangerous".

He aggressively asks an international definition, he says. For Medina, it concerns a possible erosion of the independence of statistics to public power. "The intrusion of the political system is a danger," he insisted. "One of the premises is the independence and autonomy of the statistics, with the aim of avoiding political involvement in this development, which means that international priests are being followed," he defended.

In a message published on social networks, Medina provided support for IBGE. "The ILO strongly supports IBGE's methodology for estimating employment and unemployment, after international priests," he wrote.

In another message, he goes on to point out that he is "extremely concerned about the future of official statistics in Brazil." "The international statistical system is attentive and ready to respond to these types of realities in Ps True Era," he criticized. Information from the newspaper States S. Paulo.

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