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Vice President of Bahia values ​​work in football:

Vice President of Bahia values ​​work in football: "We are no longer a rent team"

Together with Guilherme Bellintani, the former legal director of Bahia and now Vice President, Vitor Ferraz, completes his first year of the 1920s 2018-2020 in Tricolor. According to the manager's opinion, who has been in Fazendão since 2013, the season's course is positive, although he lost the Northeast Cup in June, against Sampaio Corrêa. For Ferraz, the work with football has been important. "Of course, we had a disappointment in the Northeast Cup, we expected the title, even more of the circumstances, but there are bad things that are going well. We took lessons and even defeat, I understand as a positive year in football in a macro-way. say that the important thing is to arrive at the decisions. There are variables that we do not control, but the fact that we arrive shows robustness at work. If we make a cut, Bahia before and after democratization, since the Northeast Cup returned, Under The first year failed Bahia, and Bahia had two semifinals, two finals and a title between 2015 and 2018. This shows the consolidation of a job. Correctly, "he said.

To move away from a closure, the team faces Vitória in Barradão. The last classics were marked by violence, and the tricolor leader quoted a good relationship with the board of the largest archrival and asked for training for opposing fans. "We will be strict to defend our rights, because they are people who will work. Seger does not support and will take action to prevent this happening again," he said. In addition, Ferraz told about controversy with South American video theft, participation in the Northeast Cup, work on coach Enderson Moreira and young pilot Ramires, the club's most important revelation of the year.

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