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As expected, Fortaleza confirmed Series B title with Rogério Ceni

A title that supervised Rogério Ceni as a coach. For the first time, the title is in the hands of a club in the northeast

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by SÉRGIO CARVALHO – – – Campinas

the FORTRESS by Rogério Ceni is already the Brazilian master of Series B. The conquest occurred two weeks in advance on Saturday in Florianopolis, towards Avai. The final score of this match was Fortaleza 1 x Avaí 0.

Ceni played better, scored his goal and deserved the end result of the match. A title that supervised Rogério Ceni as a coach. The one who disappointed in Sao Paulo did brilliant work at Fortaleza during the current season and reached the title with all the benefits. Now you decide if you want to stay or go to another club.

FORTALEZA kept the newspaper's print and made a win in extra time

FORTALEZA kept the newspaper's print and made a win in extra time

* The other results of Series B that experienced their thirty sixth round, the championship of the championship. Vila Nova 3 x Figueirense 1, Youth 0 x Ponte Preta 1, Boa Esporte 0 x Brazil de Pelotas 1, Coritiba 1 x Goiás 0, West 0 x Londrina 0, Criciúma 3 x CRB 3, Sampaio Correa 2 x São Bento 1, CSA 0 x Atlético GO 0 and Guarani, from Campinas 0 x Paysandu 2.

Surprisingly this bugre defeat in the house. Already Macacas victory against Juventude was nothing new, because the home team is one of the clubs that has already been demoted to the C series.

* CLASSIFICATION of the championship following the above results stopped as follows. Fortaleza and Leader are also Series B champions. CSA comes in second with 59 and is very close to going up.

Goiás and Avaí have 57. Ponte Preta, 56. Londrina and Vila Nova, 55. Atlético GO, 53. Guarani, 50. Coritiba, 49. Brazil, São Bento and Figueirense, 46. Oeste, 45. Criciúma, 43. CRB, 42. Paysandu, 40. Sampaio Correa and Juventude, 35. Boa Esporte, 29.

The last three are lowered mathematically. Paysandu can still avoid closure.


* TIME that has won the most in Series B so far, Fortaleza is 20 wins. The teams that made the most were Goiás and Atletico GO with 51 goals each. The championship's best defense is from Fortaleza, which only awarded 31 goals in 36 games.

Also the best goal balance (difference between goals and points) is Fortaleza, 19. Still has a chance to go up to Serie A this year: CSA, Goiás, Avaí and Ponte, .Londrina and Vila Nova have a small chance. In Z4, Paysandu should be the fourth club demoted. But CRB is also threatened.

* Next game on Tuesday plays Figueirense x Paysandu and Ponte Preta x Coritiba, in Campinas, from kl. 21.30.

On Thursday, Fortaleza vs Juventude, which should be the track of the tracks, because the home team is an early champion. On Friday, Atlético GO x São Bento, at 20:30, Londrina x CRB.

On Saturday, Brazil from Pelotas to Guarani, at 5:00 CSA x Avaí (the game decides to accommodate), Sampaio Correa x Criciúma and West x Goiás, at 21 o'clock in Barueri. This will be the thirty-fifth round of the championship. Only one thing will be missing.


* COPA SUL AMERIKANA is back to play for the semifinal phase on 28 and 29 November. On the 28th Wednesday they play Fluminense and Atletico PR, in Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro. In the first team, Hurricane won 2-0 in Curitiba.

Now Atlético can even lose by 1 to 0 that vacancy in the final will be yours. On 29th, Thursday, Barranquilla and Junior play in Santa Fe. In the first leg Junior gave 2 to 0. Now the Barranquilla team must confirm in its stadium its classification. The expected end must be between Atlético-PR and Junior.

* BOCA JUNIORS and River Plate played on Sunday afternoon in Buenos Aires for the final of Copa Libertadores de América. The final result was 2 to 2 and favored the river playing the last game in his stadium where he has everything to be once more and it is the most important football match in South America.

The crucial game will be Saturday, November 24th, from 18:00. Playing at La Bombonera was very controversial and the final tie for 2 to 2 showed what the game was. The river seems to be more prepared to be a champion.


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