Wednesday , May 18 2022

Why did Kim Kardashian go to prison?


Reality star Kim Kardashian traveled to the Saint-Quentin prison in northern California on Thursday (8 November).

Hard to imagine Kim Kardashian behind bars. And yet. This Thursday, the reality star went to Saint-Quentin, one of the most famous prisons in the United States. According to the information on the TMZ website, she had stayed there for long hours to meet prison workers and some prisoners. According to the American tabloid, the young woman planned this visit to learn about the various programs offered to prisoners. Earlier this year, Kim K supported an inmate, Kevin Cooper, in prison. She had really asked the governor in California to investigate the case of this man sentenced to death in 1985. However, it is unclear whether the star could talk to him during his visit.

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One reason close to his heart

For almost a year, Kim Kardashian has been known to earn a thing dear to her, the terms of prison of US prisoners. In May, she met President Donald Trump at the Oval Office to talk about prison reform and the case of Alice Marie Johnson who had been sentenced to life while claiming her virginity ever since. year. A few days later, Kim K was successful because Trump had agreed to forgive the inmate. Since then, Kanye West's companions have continued their struggle. Motivated, she wants to create a program to help female prisoners to reintegrate after their sentences.

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