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Wall Street, pleased with the outcome of the election, accelerates its rise


Wall Street, pleased with the outcome of the election, accelerates its rise

Phase of the New York Stock Exchange, August 20, 2018 Andrew CABALLERO-REYNOLDS

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Index accelerated its progress just a few minutes from the end, worn by a wave of relief after the US elections in the medium term, despite the prospect of legislative blockade they proposed.

At 8:45 GMT, Wall Street flagship index was 2.05 percent at 2615999 points, with Nasdaq at 2.46 percent to 7.557.11 points and the wider S & P 500 index by 2.00 percent. at 2,810.67 points.

Despite the prospect of a split congress and potential legislative blockages, investors were easy to disclose the news and enter a period that traditionally benefited the stock market in the United States.

S & P 500, which includes the 500 largest companies in the United States, has increased on average 13.8% year after the election since 1926, Wells Fargo said.

"The outcome of the elections was very much in line with expectations," said US bank analysts, adding that market participants were "tired" of the idea that they now have the options after half the choice behind them.

The values ​​in the health sector were particularly remarkable, driven by the prospect of less regulation of the price of drugs due to the joint congress.

These values, grouped together in the broader S & P 500 index, were 2.81%.

In addition, the stock market continued to recover some of the land lost in October, where the broad Wall Street index had written its biggest monthly fall since 2011.

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