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"Their children after them" is a "society" that guarantees the winner of the Goncourt Prize


Nicolas Mathieu talks about France's characters and the story of his novel, who won the Prix Goncourt.

"I wanted to restore, view and do it as accurately as possible and make sure the reader is caught" by reading the novel Their children after them (Editions Actes Sud, August 2018), reacts Wednesday, November 7, to France's Nicolas Mathieu, who today received the award Goncourt 2018. He evokes the characters in his novel that has "Surprised". "Their logic was introduced to mine and they had become dense enough not to let go", explains the author who had "more than following them". This novel is "a bit of society".

france info: This little town in Lorraine where this novel happens is imaginary, but you are talking about places and people you know very well?

You only write well on what you know very well. I was playing geographic fiction to give me a free hand, but there are places that can easily be identified, the Moselle mining bases.

Do you describe your teenage feelings?

Yes, my youth feelings, the feelings of rage, explosion and retention that characterize teens [sont décrits dans ce roman] but it's also the feelings of the summer, the time that passes, the lust and what the weather does to our bodies. Throughout the writing, if I have a keyword to summarize my approach, it's a refund. I try to approach the skin and [mes personnages] to exist and from the moment it starts to work, I just need to follow them.

They took you to places you did not believe your characters?

Absolutely, for the whole novel, we feel about a storm, an explosion, a disaster and myself, they surprised me in relation to all this. Their logic imposed on me and they had become dense enough not to let go.

Is it a political book?

It's a political book but it's not a political step. Because I do not have a program or an improvement project, but it's political, because it describes a world, a part of society that describes hierarchies, distance between people, how irreversible it is. and how we continue to live together. To analyze the reality as it is, to talk about our lives as they are, is the prerequisite for something better. I wanted to do, show and do it as accurately as possible and make sure the reader is caught. I do not take a stand, I restore a world and I make it experience for a reader.

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