Saturday , June 25 2022

The end of an era for Blokker



The Blokker family has decided to sell a large proportion of the shares in its own stores.

Negotiations are currently under way with two Dutch investment funds (Parcom and Waterland), although their representatives do not want to confirm this information, the Speaker of the Trade Mark said statements by the chairman of the commission committee chairman Michiel Witteveen in The Financieele Dagblad. Another contact would be made with a foreign investor.

The transaction would go hand in hand with the closure of hundreds of stores and the removal of almost 2000 jobs, announces the Belga Agency. However, if relatives in the company develop the need for a restructuring within the Group facing severe financial difficulties, there is no clarification about the scope of a possible restructuring.

In addition to the Blokker stores, the sale also includes Big Bazaar and Maxi Toys.

Trade unions in Belgium, and in the absence of all messages from Blokker Belgium tomorrow, business professionals would be "very worried, it's panic and it can be spontaneous shutdown," we say.

In recent years, Blokker has moved into the market, making the decision to focus exclusively on Blokker stores. Other channels like Leen Bakker, Intertoys and Xenos were sold and Marskramer was reduced to franchise stores.

In Belgium, by the end of 2016, Blokker decided to close 63 of the 190 stores in the area, thereby eliminating 279 of the 900 jobs. Blokker Belgium had a turnover of 86.8 million euro for the fiscal year 2017-2018, a decrease of 21% compared with the previous year.

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