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Stan Lee, Marvela's founder is dead


American writer and publisher Stan Lee, who died on Monday at the age of 95, revolutionized the world of series and popular culture by creating characters for Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and Marvel, among others. Fantastic four.

Stan Lee looks back in his smoky eyes and threw himself into a world of series with the biggest odds, far from imagining he would make generations of superhero fans dream.

Born December 28, 1922, in New York in a family of Romanian immigrants who suffered severely from the great depression, Stanley Martin Lieber dreamed of writing "The Great American Romance."

At 17 o'clock he finds a job on Early Comics, a series of series on a publisher.

A single assistant, he is responsible for bringing coffee and filling designers inkwells before publishing his first text in 1941. He wants to choose to book his real name for more "noble" works, he chooses Stan Lee's pseudonym.

When the house's two-star writer, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, kicked two years later, he is offered as editor-in-chief.

After that, Kirby, genius designer, becomes his great accomplice who takes the nickname "King." Stan Lee, the scriptwriter, will call himself The Man.

For twenty years, Stan Lee directed early comedians, now Atlas Comics, and wrote stories in all genres while superheroes fell into abuse after World War II: Western, romance, science fiction, horror, humor …

In an industry in crisis, Atlas Comics is behind, just imitating its major rival DC Comics, where "officiate" Batman or Superman.

When his boss asks him to create a home equivalent of the "Justice League" as DC Comics has just published, Stan Lee gives freedom to his instinct, according to his wife's advice. In 1961 he represents the superheroes "The Fantastic Four" and changes the series forever.

While superheroes are traditionally smooth and flawless, Stan Lee characters are common men and women, equipped with superpowers through a combination of circumstances but filled with human plagues.

Heroes bicker, doubt, struggle with financial problems or love, so that readers can identify. The bad guys are also equipped with emotions.

"That guy Peter Parker, I just want him to be the bass teenager, he does not look like another muscular superhero," asked Stan Lee Jack Kirby before putting it in place another legend in the drawing, Steve Ditko.

Universe "Marvel"

"The Fantastic Four" is a success and leads Stan Lee to create a host of new heroes: Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Doctor Strange or Spider-Man, his favorite.

"If I had known that I was so good, I would have asked for an increase," he laughed in the summer of 2017, while Hollywood celebrated the famous Chinese theater.

One of his brands: Give the same initials to the names and names of his characters. Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and Matt Murdock will not escape the rule.

In the 60's, Stan Lee became the man's orchestra of the publisher, diverted "Marvel". He combines the role of scriptwriter, publisher and director of the publication.

Marketing Genius, he creates a Marvel universe. All his superheroes develop in the same world and are in the pages of the group's various magazines: everything is done so fans have a sense of belonging to a society.

Several decades later, Hollywood still uses the same technology in its widescreen adaptations of superhero adventure.

To keep up the pace, Stan Lee systemizes "Marvel Method". Instead of a real scenario, it gives the designers a brief summary. When the boards are drawn, he complements them by writing the bubbles and legends.

Draughtsmen are thus largely co-authors of the stories. Some will accuse Stan Lee because he wants to pull the blanket at him to their disadvantage.

The publisher becomes an ambassador of series in the United States, multiplying conferences in universities and appearance in fancies, which sometimes consider him a half god.

A Walt Disney fan, he monitors Marvel heroes' adjustments for television and movies, making a habit of short appearances in all movies with their characters.

After shortly leading the entire community, he left Marvel in the late 90's.

Despite a long trial with Marvel, bought in 2009 by Disney for $ 4 billion, Stan Lee has been close to the community, of which he was still President Emeritus and eternal symbol.

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