Tuesday , January 25 2022

Romeo Elvis, the Dandy Crocodile, lives at Olympia


The man with crocodile, rap and brother will be in concert this evening at the Olympia in Paris, he is approaching sold out. A show to watch live and rebroadcast at Arte.

The Belgian rapper from Uccle is no longer present. With millions of views on YouTube, he is part of the successful Van Laeken family, who has also born another phenomenon, his sister Angèle. Romeo Elvis was born in Uccle in 1992 to a family of artists. Of course, he is interested early in the music and begins to pierce 21 years later with his first EP and his "Brussels comes"With Caballero and JeanJass, Roméo coincides with the producer Le Motel and begins to export across the border thanks to the sophistication of other graduates and a fantastic voice." With Morale, Morale 2 and Morale2luxe, Romeo Elvis builds on his success and is regularly held at the festivals. The young man of Brussels is a beast on stage and shows him at all his concerts as he turns into epic and participatory shows. Romeo Elvis hesitates no more to invite other rappers on stage, feedback with a family tradition in hip hop.

Romeo Elviss sold out performance in Olympia on November 8 will be captured and visible at Arte. The opportunity to discover or rediscover this scenic talent, Belgian pride and grandmaster at a ceremony that promises to be eventful.

Listen and watch the concert of the Belgian rapper Roméo Elvis at Olympia (Paris) Live at Arte concert or below:

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