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Marc-Olivier Fogiel reports using cocaine: "I bleed from my nose": Current woman Le MAG


Invited to the Thé or Café program, November 3, returned the value to his drug use while on Canal +.

A phenomenon still present in the TV world? Saturday, November 3, Marc-Olivier Fogiel was a guest of Tea or coffeeon France 2, to promote his book What is my family, published on October 3 at Grasset. An opportunity for 49 years to develop their two grandchildren, Mila and Lily, born of GPA, but also to return to their career. And the former host of Canal + acknowledged that he had been doing some glide during his years on the cable channel.

⋙ Marc-Olivier Fogiel moved to tears through his brother's and his sister's testimony in tea or coffee

During "back to back" with Catherine Ceylac, he acknowledged that he had consumed some illegal substances at that time. "Firecracker", but not that "I tried cocaine long ago when I was on Canal +, the room for an evening in Cannes"he said. Only the guy's face off RTL do not keep a very good memory: "I do not even know if I can say I really tried it because I was so sick that I spit it out. I blew my nose. It was not at all for me, I hated this effect.

This is not the first time Marc-Olivier Fogiel talks about his short consumption of cocaine. In 2017 he explained in the columns Inrockuptibles to have been there "super mollo". "I tried, eh, let's be clear, but I did not go all the way into the trap, which was still quite divided. Because I tend to do everything too much, I wanted to keep myself (…) I did not stay get lost, " he explained. For the animator was the abuse of Jean-Luc Delarue a "Cons Example" : "I shared this tendency with him in everything, we often talked about it elsewhere, and I saw it too much, and I said to myself," If I borrow, I will not be able to stop " . Today Marc-Olivier Fogiel is dependent on one thing: his little girls.

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