Tuesday , July 27 2021

Harry Roselmack remembers racist prejudice at his first JT

in Daily, reminded the journalist that he was exposed to his first JT on TF1 2006.

When he releases his first movie as director, fractures(Online Online November 9th) The journalist Harry Roselmack was a guest at Yann Barthès, Tuesday night, at TMC. The former presenter 20 hours TF1 took the opportunity to explain what had been decided in 2011 to leave this coveted position.

"I stopped JT because it became complicated to ensure both JT, Seven to eight During the season, the news I did during a vacation since I was the joker of Patrick Poivre d'Arvor and Laurence Ferrari, he detailed. I had[[[[the question] immersion and I also had a little[[[[working]at RTL and I saw the summer law when I could not be with my family. "Harry Roselmack, who preferred to return to a normal life, says he has no regret and says his successor, Gilles Bouleau, that he says" enjoy watching "performs" extraordinary work ".

"The magazine was presented in perfect French"

On the other hand, Harry Roselmack was less optimistic about the diversity of French television. As the first black presenter on the TF1 news channel, he believes that this symbol should not be overestimated. "It's not because I presented the 20H paper that there is no problem with discrimination, on the contrary, it must be time to say that it works. People who may have doubted that a black journalist could have a 20-hour normal, and I just introduced a normal 20 hours, even the next morning of my first [en juillet 2006], I read in the press: "The magazine was presented in perfect French", as if there was doubt about my ability to speak good French. "

At first reluctance to name the "big national newspaper" that published this sentence, Harry Roselmack finally quoted The Parisian "But I do not blame them at all," he said, "it was something that surprised me a little, it's a sign that the whole country was not ready for it. Led them to consider that it was possible."

Expressen has not managed to find the article in question (was it from another magazine?). Still, the diversity of French television really leaves something to be desired. The proportion of non-white persons may have increased in all genres (information, newspapers, drama and documentaries) according to the CSA annual barometer published in January 2018. Persons perceived as white remain largely in the majority.

As for the TF1 channel, it has not recruited a new JT presenter since the resignation of Harry Roselmack seven years ago. "There will be others, I hope, and for them it will be easier," he said.

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