Saturday , December 5 2020

Eric Thiébaut condemns the lack of judges

In a team like ours, it's simply unacceptable!
", Launched Eric Thiébaut PS PS (and Mayor of Hensies). The purpose of this anger is found in the launch of the attempt to assist in the murder of Jean-Claude Libiez, who was killed on the night of 20-21 November 2016, around 1:30 in Roisin (Honnelles). Jean-François Jonckheere was to preside over the procedure, but the judge, currently retiring, expressed an opinion judged by the lawyers of five accused (he said: "

I am deeply convinced that your client is not a shooter

Speaking to the lawyer of the sixth accused). He was finally challenged.

After the president's challenge, the civilian parties have to go to helplessness to postpone a trial as they waited for so much impatience and hope. Their pain is all the more because they have no idea how long a new trial can be held in view of the lack of judges who can preside over the court in Hainaut
"Get out Eric Thibaut.

Behind this case, he condemns the government's justice policy: "
Today, the lack of judges and disinvestment in justice is such that you come to situations where it is necessary to appeal to retirees to settle a court with support. Attempting crimes that are serious as murder is impossible to organize in view of the lack of human resources the government invests in justice.

The Member of Parliament wishes to know which follow-up will be the subject of the trial. "
Are you planning to end this situation by investing in the judiciary as soon as possible and by strengthening the labor force?
"He asks and reminds that"
Hainaut Court of Appeal today has 22 judges instead of 30, which is far from 80 percent required for it to work properly.
There would be two judges missing to reach this quota.

The answer should fall in two weeks.

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