Sunday , December 6 2020

Who invented the N95 mask?

During the coronation period, Peter’s research was mainly about that worm and PPE. More specifically, clean and recycle the mask. Because at the beginning of the Corona period, the worm crisis was obvious in the United States. Peter’s research shows that washing the N95 mask loses its effectiveness. Instead, keep the temperature at 61 degrees Celsius after using a mask to get rid of bacteria. But Peter insisted on natural solutions. His advice is that if you leave it at home for seven days after use, the virus will be removed automatically from the worm.

However, the price of the N95 mask is not low. And this mask is mainly for health workers. What will happen to the public? Peter Sai knows that. So he said: ‘Wear a cotton cloth mask. The mask is useful. ‘

References: CNN, and BusinessStudy

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