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The greatest gift from Allah


World Allrounder Shakib Al Hasan has become an important member of Bangladesh's cricket team for more than a decade. The finger injuries are away from cricket right now. So he had time to enjoy his favorite place in Magura's birthplace. There, in private and outside the world, talking about personal issues with the BBC, it was briefly given to Ekushey TV readers online.

Everyone says Sakib is a small, in-kind, easy to mix! The first to talk to him in these festivities begins. He used to say, "Those who do not know they have an opinion, but I have a lot of chat, I have spent a lot of time with friends, maybe we do not chase before all, we actually create time-based opportunities for ourselves. I am very excited, Maybe many people get together, it's a fight, and I always inspire them to play better. "

For the past six years, Shakib has changed many lives. For him, the end of the year is the most important time in life. But your wedding day is waiting for more than 12 December on November 8th. The day when his princess came to the world! He said, "This is the greatest gift from Allah. Many say that there is a father who is a different feeling," said my father, I did not understand, but now I understand that it is not possible to say such a philosophy. is gone. "

As soon as the father smelled, he began to raise his hand in the double bed window and began to float Alaina Hasan Abis "Babe … Babi ..".

My father talks with us from the bottom of the busiest, but the girl wants to agree! Eventually, Abir's mother saw the scene, Sakib's wife, Umm Ahmed Dew. Our talk goes bent. How much time to give family life?

He said, "Try to spend as much time as possible outside the game, sometimes complaining or frustration, but we both agree. But if I do not, I can miss it and miss it very badly."

Shakib's subject really comes up, its naturalness and realistic mentality in everything. Contrary to the emotional Bangali character Shakib is it completely born or created?

In Shakib's language it was from its early childhood, but after going to BKSP, the discovery was discovered. "Tough situations, the way to live, actually made me." I saw as many as 30 people in my party, the only one I could come up to this place may be because I'm realistic and I'm as real as I've come from the middle class. There was no way

Time to travel on time for BKSP, time spent on tripwell Shakib al Hasan, 31 years. Sitting in the open door.

"BKSP has so many memories that it can be written as a book. For the first time, it was difficult to leave the family outside the house, but after finding new friends all difficulties were overcome. It was the best time in my life."

We want to go beyond Magura in 2016. Time machine fixed on Shakib dressed in school pahua shorts. When there is a chance outside the school, sometimes with the bat and the ball that goes behind football, and the winter mist is often seen by the badminton racket. Father Mashroor Reza also made professional football players, son on the same road. But Bangladesh won the ICC Trophy in 1997, the scenario changed.

Shakib said, "I have not done anything like a football player or a cricketer, I do not want to do anything by studying such thoughts as the middle class family, but I like to play, take all games seriously and never want to lose."

"After 1997, cricket was a breeze, and it was seen that on Friday afternoon all Bangla movies were on TV, but I went and called everyone to play, but I did not even think I would play in the national team or I would need play in the 19th game. I could not have been a cricketer, it was prasar. "

"After two years of playing in the national team, I thought it's okay to take it as a professional now, and now I see how much pressure students are on the uptake test, they assume it should be, and that's the extra pressure."

Shakib also said, "I've never fixed anything in life, I've tried all the options, I do not want to add anything else, just want to be a good man."

Now we are currently from Time Machine. Shakib took the place for his own house in the back yard and Shakib regrets. "I do not know there was such a house, there was open ground, I used to play a stamp on a light bulb and play with the banana, chicken and fire."

We can not stop laughing. Shakib said seriously: "The effect of the game here is still in me, because when I played in my childhood, maybe I will not die higher, my ball will get lost or I will not be able to return to that house so I do not play many shots. I still have some weaknesses in the shots and some shots that play well also depend on the game here. "

What, find the childhood story of your childhood? After lunch at Shakib's hospitality we went out to discover his town Magura.

The first class of the eighth grade, its model is seen in the school rooms to be seen as the next generation Shakib. One of Shakib's favorite teacher Shafiqul Islam says these children grow up with idol.
We go to the Magura district city, which created the foundations of Shakib Al Hasan. There also a salad with him.

Shakib's first coach, Syed Saddam Hussein Gorky, said the story of Shakib's first practice, pace bowling and then became the spinner. "When I told you to spin, then when he asked me why would I spin without a beat?"

"I was surprised and told him – for your left, the pacers were screwed. I started spinning from the next day and before I learned something I saw her innate talent."

Shakib said his first formal cricket match on this field, 1 not out of 1 ball, and he can not forget to get the wickets first.

Shirin Reza, the father of Shakib's childhood, said: "There was always a ball in my hand, I used to feed him, throw him on the wall, even at the time of reading." He was very quiet, but during the game there was no end to the tragedy.

"One day before I went to the test and started playing after I got angry, I drove the bat and went out to investigate me very much. Come on, say you do not bet."

How did he reach a unique height? Shakib said, "I do not set a personal goal, I want to contribute to the country, never thought I would be number one, just wanted to play well, the rest has become completely automatic."

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