Sunday , January 17 2021

The fire in the Kalshi slums at midnight is unknown to everyone!

No one has any idea about the origin of the day fire in the Kalshi slums in the capital Mirpur on Tuesday (November 24). The fire burned 55 houses and burned at least 12 shops. Concerned retailers say there is a mystery behind the midnight fire in the slums and the burning of all stores. They say that just by burning these stores in the slums, the loss has been about 50 lakh rupees.
Rozina Khatun, an official at the fire department’s headquarters, told the Bengali Tribune that 43 houses and 12 shops were burned in the fire in the Kalshi slums in Mirpur. The extent of the damage and the outbreak of the fire can be determined after an investigation. Initially, there is no idea about this.

Altaf Mahmood, a grocery retailer in the slums, said: “My business did not do well during the coronation period. The last month has gone a little better. I have picked up some new products in the store. There will also be about 2 lakh rupees. in an hour-long fire last night.I have nothing more to say about capital.I can not stand up anymore.I do not want to in any way convey that I recommend that the mother is inactive.

Shamsur Rahman, the owner of the burnt pot and the pot, said: “I had goods worth Tk 3/4 lakh in my shop.” The hour-long fire has almost stopped. A total of 12 stores have been burned here. Traders have calculated. We have lost about 50 lakh rupees in the shops alone.

The traders complained that they did not yet know the origin of the fire from the fire brigade. They themselves have no idea how the fire started. However, they claim that there may be another hand behind this.

On the other hand, in addition to these 12 stores, 55 houses were burned to ashes in the fire. Although there were no casualties, Mashiur, who lost his house, said it would be difficult for the slum dwellers to recover.

Fatema, who has lived in a slum for more than a decade after coming from Sherpur, said: “I left the house in the middle of the night and shouted at everyone.” There was nothing in the smoke. Then the fire blazed. After a while, the fire brigade arrives. They splashed water and extinguished the fire. But we did not understand where it came from. Discussions have been going on in the slums since the morning. This did not catch fire. Someone can catch it.

Earlier on Tuesday (November 25) at 14.10, a fire broke out in a slum in the C-block in Bauniabad in the Kalshi area. The control room of the fire service and the civil defense department. Kamrul Hasan said that 12 units from the fire brigade could gain control of the fire at 15:10 in an attempt of about an hour.

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