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Realey remains Bell, indicating Zidane!

Gareth Bale lives in Real Madrid. Coach Zinedine Zidane indicated that. Real got a big 3-1 victory at Celta Vigo last Saturday. Bell has returned to the squad and has shown excellent craftsmanship. After taking charge of Real Madrid again, Zidane wanted to release Bell. That is why the star footballer went to the pitch that day with extra enthusiasm. Karim Benzema scored the first goal of the match. Beale made that goal.

Real has not played so well in the last 12 months. Zidane was very pleased after the match and said: “I'm satisfied. We played a whole game from the beginning. Not many teams came here and won.

Zidane said last month that everyone would be better off selling Bell to another club. Although Bell is likely to move to China's club, he remains in the end. And this time, the coach's green signal seems to be coming from him.

Zidane praised Gareth and Vinicius (Jr.). Bell played on the pitch that day. Had a chance to score. Goalkeeper Kuben Branco saved the shot.

Zidane later picked Bell. His name was Isco. After leaving the field, he was seen shaking hands with the coach. Zidane said at the end of the game, "We have already told him that he will stay two or three times. The players who are with us, we assume they will stay this season."

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