Saturday , January 16 2021

No one will have time to escape: Chhatra League president

Mamunul Haque, leader of Bangladesh Khilafah Majlis and joint secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam, has objected to the construction of a sculpture of Bangabandhu at Dholairpar in the capital. He also threatened to throw the sculpture in Buriganga if it was built.

In the midst of discussions across the country, the BCL gathered at the foot of the Raju sculpture at the end of the anti-communism and anti-terrorism procession in the Dhaka University area on Thursday afternoon.

Responding to the threats, Chhatra League President Joy said: “Come to the shores of Buriganga and everyone will float in Buriganga.” Show courage to the father of the nation, we give you a broken tooth. ”

Earlier, leaders and activists from Dhaka University, Dhaka Metropolitan North and South branches of the organization, including the Central Committee of the Chhatra League, gathered at the foot of the Raju sculpture with a protest procession from the Palashi crossing in the capital.

Al Nahyan Khan Joy said at the meeting, “I would like to warn the corrupt Mamunul Haque to sit in front of the microphone and face the BCL if he has the courage not to talk big. I have seen a lot, on May 5 he said very big things in the Shapla Chats What we saw later was that Mamunul Haque had run away with his tail wrapped, so you can not get the Chillaya market. The stomach grows well after eating.

“Leaders and workers from the Chhatra League in Bangladesh can paralyze the whole of Bangladesh in five minutes, we have that power. If we go to the field, none of you will have time to flee.”

Commenting on Mamunul Haques’ “continue with the militants”, the BCL president told the administration: “Those who go on with the militants, those who go on with communism, but now they must be forced in.” It’s time to dump her and move on. ”

Speaking to Madrasa’s students, he said: “This Mamunul Haq has committed a crime by showing his prophet to move his lips. But we have not seen any Islamic organization or individual speak against it. So what do we think, you are the same everywhere and “We are working to implement Pakistan’s agenda on the issue of the country, and that will not happen.”

Author Bhattacharya, general secretary of the Chhatra League, said: “Those who oppose the Bangabandhu sculpture are traitors. How Jamaat-Shibir Razakars has been hung one by one, you also run in that direction.

“But we know this Mamunul Haque. You know that his father Azizul Haque was a self-proclaimed Razakar. Mamunul, the son of that Razakar, misleads the people by misinterpreting religious texts in the name of religious meetings and playing tricks on religion. The people of Bangladesh will not believe this. ”

Mentioned that there are sculptures in many Muslim countries, the author said, “There are sculptures of famous people from different countries in the world. There are sculptures in Turkey, there are sculptures in Saudi Arabia, there are sculptures in the modern Muslim country Malaysia, there are sculptures in Indonesia. They do not call them haram.

“Why is there so much resistance, so much misinterpretation of the Bangabandhu sculpture? From this it is clear that your goal is not to sculpt but to destabilize the country by confusing the people of the country. ”

Saddam Hussein, secretary general of the BCL department at Dhaka University, said: “There is nothing new about how the state of Bangladesh will be run. We reached an agreement in 1971. 3 million people died in the war of independence for four principles. Bangladesh will be governed by basis of secularism and Bengali nationalism.

“Today we are witnessing the boasting of radical tyrannical power. I see a conspiracy to bind Bangladesh’s society to the moon of conservatism. We would like to say to them, just as we are peaceful boys in Bengali’s mother’s lap, we know how to thunder against fundamentalism from heaven. ”

Among others, President BCL Dhaka Metropolitan South President Mehedi Hasan, Secretary General Jubayer Ahmed, Dhaka Metropolitan North President Ibrahim Hossain, Secretary General Saidur Rahman Hridoy spoke.

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