Saturday , January 23 2021

‘Leave father before birth’, complained Kumar Shanus son – Kolkata24x7

Mumbai: Recently, Jan Kumar Shanu, son of the popular singer Kumar Shanu, left the house of Bigg Boss. One of the features of this TV show is that it is involved in various debates. Jan Kumar Shanu’s name is also involved in the debate. He was severely reprimanded for making negative comments about the Marathi language.

Jan also kissed Nikki Tambli, another contestant, without her permission. He also engaged in the debate by making some comments on nepotism. When he saw all this, singer Kumar Shanu raised his finger at his son who was growing up and learning. And his son Jan Kumar Shanu is very angry about it.

“My father left us before I was born,” Shanu said, mocking his father in the media. So how can he question my upbringing? Does he know anything at all? I do not think he is doing the right thing. From what I understood when I watched the video, no one asked him to comment. He himself has commented on my upbringing so negatively. I grew up with my mother. ”

Jan adds, “Salmon Sir himself praised my upbringing. So there is no question of talking about this. Bigg Boss house and there was no one who questioned my education. But I did not understand what my father wanted. First, he posted a video. The next day he praised me by posting another video. Opinions change like this, these opinions have no meaning. I want to talk to him. Because I’m sorry for what he did. At the end of the day, he’s my dad. I love and respect him. ”

Luva Nahid Chowdhury, the man in the seventh episode.

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