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"He's quite a man"

Kamruzzaman Milu | November 17, 2016, Saturday 8:14

Popular hero Nusrat Faria wanted to give new news by the end of the year He told the news. One of the premier producers in Calcutta will start working on a movie called "D for Dance". In this context, Nusrat Faria, who currently works in Shamim Ahmed Rani Shahhen Shah in Dhaka, said. And at the end of December, "D for Dance" begins to start working. On the other hand, Ankush in Calcutta will play against me. Doctor yoga Previously I worked with Ankush in the Ashikee movie. We hope that the new image will also be seen by visitors. Although there is no written agreement with the movie, the two sides have talked about it. Faria said that the conversation had not yet been completed. Shree Venkatesh Films (SVF) in Kolkata will produce "D for Dance" alone. On November 5, Faria began the movie "Shahhen Shah". This photo works first with Shakib Khan. So what is the experience that is being asked? Fariya said, "Shakib Khan is not just a big star, he is a man who is quite handful. I am very comfortable working with him. Previously, this song was shot in Thailand. There are currently several scenes going on. This month's shooter of the movie is about to end. Photo director Shamim Ahmed Rony is a creator of my choice. Previously I worked in the movie "Dhhettechiki." He works very well and he works. It seems like working with the Shahhen Shah team. Faria recorded in Ashiqi, Hero 420, Badshah, Boss 2, Dheetatchee, Premi and Lover and Inspector Nati K. The movie, released in January this year, was released in India and the last "Inspector Naughty K" directed by Ashok Pati in India was released. The film played Faria against popular popular hero in Kolkata, Faria. This film is released in Bangladesh and Bangladesh in the import process. In addition to playing in the film, Faria has also made several songs. His song "Pataka" was the title of the song. The release of the song is quite a lot of criticism. After that, it asks: When does the new song come back? In reply, he replied that the plan is currently under new song. We will start working next year. There is a team with me in the new song work. You work on my next song. Will you be Calcutta's father to control new songs like the previous song? In response, the actor watched as a director, the father thought of Yadav. Songvideo will be released in Bangladesh and India together with the help of SVF. For a long break, he is again seen as a presenter for YouTube through an event called "Mother Verses Wife". Asked if he will do regular presentations in the context, said Nusrat Faria, I miss the presentation after working on the big screen. Working on the big screen can not be done on a regular basis. Now I sometimes get some great deals. But it should also be understood. If you can get such a program in front of me maybe.

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