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Here's how to delete deleted data on Android Phone –Deshebideshe


Often we accidentally delete different images, videos, or audio files from the mobile. Especially the pictures Many times, the memory card is formatted incorrectly. It is lost from the smartphone, with many important tasks necessary pictures.

But do not try to know that the Android phone's deleted data is about the recovery process. The first thing you need to do is restore deleted files from the memory card to restore the rules.

Download & # 39; File Recovery Software & # 39; as desired from the Google Play Store. Among these "Recuva" programs are quite familiar.

Before you copy or back up the required files. So all files are not deleted by mistake during Reset.

When you are backed up, open the Recuva software and select SD card from the menu.

Here is a list of files to be deleted. Start resetting the required files or pictures from here.

Let us know how to recover deleted files from the phone memory. Rules for recovering deleted files from the phone memory:

Resetting photos and videos from the Android phone's internal memory or phone memory is a major issue. In this case, you may be able to help with some "Disk Excavator".

• Install Disk Drive app from the Google Play Store at the beginning.

• Keep an acute note before using apps, it only works on rotated Android devices.

• Rules and procedures for Android phone routing can be read from Google.

• Those who have already rotated in the phone first select the deleted ones.

• Select file type (eg JPG, PNG, 3gp or Mp4).

• Once the file type is selected, you can immediately save the clicked files in the Save button.

Note that when a file is deleted in Android Mobile, only the information on the system is deleted. Until it is written to the file space, it is possible to restore it. So try to save large files and avoid any type of system updates on your phone until the deleted files are restored.

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