Sunday , May 29 2022

Four artists receive financial support


(Priyakama) Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given Tk 90 lakhs to remove treatment and helplessness of actor Prabir Mitra, Rehana Jolly, Massage and vocalist Kuddus Boyati.

Thursday The state minister made this payment by calling the four talented artist at Ganobhaban at 10.00.

It has been learned that senior actor Prabir Mitra and the sick actress Rehana Jolly got Rs 2.5 lakh while actress Nutan and artist Kuddus Baiyoti got Tk 20 lakh.

According to the advice of the artist unit and actor DA Taib, the general secretary of the organization and the game champion GM Sekate, were appealed to the Prime Minister, the remaining three artists, including Kuddus Baiyatti.

In this respect, GM Saikat said that last week the application was sent to the Prime Minister for grant treatment. Within one week we received our response to this application. They will receive the money in a single part each month as a savings certificate.

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