Saturday , September 25 2021

Find out what color your phone costs are decreasing

Black screen protects the phone, says Google. In this year's Android Dave Summit session in San Francisco, Tech Giant opened the Google information. Your smart battery life will save the darkness of Android Smartphones According to Google's report, the color of the apps we use the charge behavior is small. If you have a tendency to have a high definition HD image on the phone's screen, you know that the trend is one of the reasons why the phone's charge decreases rapidly.

Google said about the pixel smartphone, how to use AMOLED screen in a handset. When using Google Maps Night Mode versus Normal Mode, battery power conserves 63 percent. We all know that the more you set the bright screen, the faster the battery will decrease. Important is the bright color of the app that is responsible for reducing battery backup income. Google said that white color destroys the power of most batteries, as well as blue, green, red and black are relatively smaller. It shows that dark mode or night mode uses low charge, ie the phone's battery is stored.

Google has publicly acknowledged that the developers of the phone, from the outset, have created the phone's layout, all of which are white, that's all white. Initially there is a tendency to go beyond the fees. Actually, Google's own research has shown that it makes the Android apps even harder. Due to the reason Google Developer has said, they want to include black themed apps to save battery backup on Android smartphones.

Recently, a new theme theme with Android Message, YouTube, Google News Dark Mode has been designed. Users are asked to select black black mode to save battery life. The bold mode is not only good for your phone, but also useful for your eyes.

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Title: Google confirms the dark mode saves battery life on Android smartphones: Know what color reduces phone charges

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