Monday , August 8 2022

Virtuoso: Port of Dark Souls Remastered was easier than expected


In an interview with NintendoLife has Dark Souls: Remastered Executive Producer Lukas Codr and Dark Souls: Remastered Producer Tang Mengjia revealed some details about the work of the switch. A part of Virtious is not just about porting Dark souls made a name, but also LA. Noire and Starlink: Battle for Atlas was brought to Nintendo's home console.

The work of FromSoftware's masterpiece took about a year and was particularly challenging, according to developers, to ensure a stable frame rate and network stability in multiplayer mode. In summary, the developers describe the work of the switch as nice and not as difficult as originally suspected.

To be honest, we thought it would be harder than it actually was. In terms of hardware-specific challenges, we had good support from Nintendo when we solved technical issues and things like performance improvement. Personally, I found that the development gear was very comfortable and simple.

Based on experience, the developer is sure that they will continue to work with developers to bring their games to the portable console. At present, there are also some exciting projects for Switch, about which no information can be provided.

For obvious reasons, we can not say exactly what we are working on, but we will definitely have some exciting high-profile switch games coming out soon. By porting Dark Souls, we have proven that we can take on some change projects, so we are convinced that we will receive more projects in the future. Ubisoft's Starlink: Battle of Atlas, which has received critical recognition.

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