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Short interview: 'I want to rule'

His preference seems clear: In secret, he wants – even more VP pathway supervisor of Sebastian Kurz – a "Coalition of Victory". With the Green Chief – beside the Turks, the second major victory of the National Council election – he also had many informal talks. Last week, the VP-chief and Werner Kogler officially met once again at special meetings in the Winter Palace of the Ministry of Finance. This coming Friday, the ÖVP will probe into larger turquoise-green Round Content – notwithstanding Kurz, as well as ex-Deputy Minister Elisabeth Köstinger, Gernot Blümel, Margarete Schramböck as well as ÖAAB-Obmann August Wöginger and Chief Minister Stefan Steiner. In the VP-team find more promoters of turquoise-green.

Today 21 hours on oe24.TV: The big interview with short

The Green Dealer

This must not be said otherwise in the Greens. Neben Kogler should also join climate expert and green number two Leonore Gewessler as well as the national councils Astrid Rössler and Rudi Anschober. In the Austrian interview, Kurz openly states that he reckons that it will be "a month long" until a government comes together.


ÖVP and Green started off with the probes


In the case of a policy of transformation, the VP-chief will eventually not be able to compromise. That is why the VP in the climate policy would have to move far. The Greens are in need of a green coalition treaty in light of their federal congress. No easy accommodations. There is also SP head Pamela Rendi-Wagner – for the SP trades Doris Bures, Jörg Leichtfried, Rainer Wimmer and Peter Kaiser – in the game. They were in short supply on Thursday. The blue ones have been hung themselves out of the coalition race.


Hofer reads the back door open

Officially, the FPÖ has taken it out of the coalition game. "With a voter turnout of over 20 percent, a more successful entry into government negotiations would have been possible," said FPÖ chief Norbert Hofer: and green.

"Offer remains upright"

But the ex-traffic minister reads openly a "back door": "I do not find Turkey's reasoning exciting", he writes on Facebook: "My offer remains upright. Should the negotiations between Kurz und Kogler or Rendi-Wagner seem to fail, the FPÖ will not forget about its political responsibility.

Kurz© TZOE / Artist

VP chief Kurz with AUSTRIA political insider Isabelle Daniel and oe24 editor Niki Fellner.

Shortly in the interview: "I push them to see them as if at a limited pace"

AUSTRIA: Although they reached 37.5 percent, they certainly do not know who they should or could form a coalition with. Isn't it even harder for you now?

Sebastian Kurz: No, any party that is strengthened is, of course, even better in position to represent their own content. We had to become the strongest force, in order to be able to govern at all, to obtain the government education order. But you are right, we naturally have no absolute majority and must form a coalition. This phase of separation and negotiation will not be easy, but I am nevertheless glad and grateful for the result, since it gives us the strength to serve the country.

AUSTRIA: They have the first round of probation talks. Who were these conversations?

Kurz: The most recent talks were atmospheric with all party chiefs very good. There were relatively elaborate four-eye talks in which we took advantage of the opportunity to determine the cut quantities and also to talk about the differences between the parties.

AUSTRIA: By Thursday, you were talking to Greenland, SPÖ and Neos again…

Kurz: In the first round, too, what a party is prepared to do is work in a government in a government. Three parties, SPÖ, Grüne and Neos, have said that they want to govern fundamentally. The FPÖ has said that in its election results, it sees no government order and is on opposition course. This is to respect.

AUSTRIA: After Ibiza, Specen and the Hickhack, that is about the Philippa Strache mandate: Will the FPÖ be a coalition partner at all?

Kurz: I am not leading any-would-be debates. The FP has clearly stated, it sees their way into the opposition, insofar as it is not necessarily necessary, from my site to look at every detail, what is happening in the FP. Other parties also face challenges. There are also debates in social democracy. For a while, the necessity is said to light up this fog during the probe phase. On Thursday, I will be able to continue the talks in larger groups, to better get to know the teams of the parties.

AUSTRIA: From when would you like to enter into real coalition negotiations?

Kurz: I am known to be a very impatient person and therefore, rather than pushing them at very little speed. Inferno I have to hold myself back a bit. I am sorry to say that this special phase has been in demand for several weeks. If it is possible, then, to enter into government negotiations, I will be able to, and hopefully also form a stable and rapid government for Austria. It's going to last a few months. So much stuck.

AUSTRIA: Do you have the impression that the Greens are ready?

Kurz: You have to look at this content. What I can say is, that the conversation with Werner Kogler, as well as with the other party chiefs, was atmospheric and that through it I wanted to make a contribution in a possible government. I can not say much more at this time, then even more conversations.

AUSTRIA: 2017 you were eating with ex-FP chef Strache Sushi. Do you plan on using bullets as well?

Kurz: We had led conversations after the election. I also have these discussions and many conversations are informal, but not even a rudder and journalists davor and then wait and ask, was discussed. I believe that it is also good that politicians can meet from and to confidential talks. This is neces- sary when working together. And the next time I try and believe that it is right to lead confidential four-eye conversations and then end up in larger negotiation or discussion rounds, it is a better feeling for the respective parties obtains and fails where there is or does not contain the contents of the cut.

AUSTRIA: Turkey-Grün would be a role model for Europe. Are you traveling the international echo?

Kurz: It's not about the headlines and the question of whether the rankings are positive or negative, but we have a clear vision for Austria. We have clear challenges that are coming to the next federal government. First of all, make sure that the bad business cycle from Germany in Austria does not meet with full heart. To prevent us from threatening even rising unemployment, we have to trade. We have to lower the tax burden further, so that the people who have work can also live there. It is important to continue to fight against illegal migration, to anticipate climate change and to implement reform projects that are necessarily in Austria. So it gives a lot to the next federal government.

AUSTRIA: Where do you see the biggest differences / disagreements with the Greens?

Kurz: I have to understand that I do not conduct negotiations on the media, but directly with the respective parties. It would not be very trustworthy, already draw red lines on the media. We are different parties with different approaches, which in a democracy is also quite normal. We will now be discussing intensive content questions and possible batches next week.

AUSTRIA: During the election campaign, personal attacks by Rendi-Wagner were against them. Has the trust base between you deteriorated?

Kurz: Our conversation was an atmospheric good as well as with the other party chiefs. They are right, the election campaign was very dirty and also marked by personal attacks. We have spoken here about the political style. Politics should become more respectful and political culture will eventually become better. This is an important concern for me.

AUSTRIA: Should all the other variants seem to fail, did they try to become a minority government?

Kurz: This is, at this time, a hypothetical question, which has certainly begun, and has not even begun. Should it be impossible, however, to form a coalition, it still offers this possibility if other parties are willing to support it in Parliament.

AUSTRIA: After the Neonazi Attorney General in Halle – did the right extreme terrorist vehicle be used?

Kurz: We have to decide against any radical thought, and be very vigilant. We are blind to no eye. Therefore, for a ban on the Identitarians, I came to know exactly how to fight against political Islam. Of particular importance is we also in the protection of Jewish communities and the determined struggle against any form of anti-Semitism. This was also a key priority of our EU Council seats.

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