Monday , November 30 2020

PlayStation 5: 11 tips and tricks to make your PS5 work better

If you are lucky enough to already own a PS5, you may have encountered initial problems. Because Sony’s new flagship is not yet running smoothly and storage space is not enough. We therefore give you some help and tips on how to skip certain obstacles and avoid any problems with the console.

PlayStation 5 has been around since November 19 – at least in theory. Because the availability of devices is extremely poor. But even happy owners can quickly lose their joy, because the console does not go really smoothly. In the following, we will therefore give you some tips on how to avoid known problems. You also get tips on useful features on the console that can not be found at first glance.

Avoid external hard drives

Basically, the PS5 can recognize and handle external hard drives. So far, however, it is only possible for PS4 games and their saved data. And it does not work smoothly either: Your PS5 may suddenly hang up when additional storage is connected. Then the console simply shuts itself off.

After reboot, the system will check or repair the external memory. After that, everything can work smoothly or crash again shortly afterwards. Before an update ensures stable and secure use, you should do so without connecting a second memory. If you can not or do not want to do without it, make sure there are no important saved games that can be damaged.

Turn off sleep mode

Sleep mode on PlayStation 5 offers the same features as PlayStation 4: You can download games and download controls via the USB ports. But the function is currently severely impaired. Sometimes the console may no longer turn on from sleep mode.

If the device stops responding, press and hold the power button on the console for a few seconds to turn off the system completely. After reboot, the console will perform a brief self-diagnosis. To avoid this process and any damage to the hard disk, it is recommended that you do not use Hibernation for the time being. To prevent the console from shutting down automatically, select the settings, go to the “System” tab, and then click “Save Energy”.

Download the correct game version

Unlike the Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5 does not automatically load the best possible version of a game. Instead, you have to choose which outlet you want to install yourself. Go to your library and select the appropriate game. Then click on the three dots next to the “Download” area. In the menu that opens, you can see which versions you can download. In general, the following applies: In the PS4 version, the title of the game is followed by “PS4”, while in the PS5 version only the name is displayed.

Transfer games and points

You can transfer games and save from your PS4 directly to PS5. However, it does not use a WLAN connection. Depending on the amount of data, the transfer may take several hours. The better solution is a LAN cable that you use to connect both devices. Then go to the settings, select “System”, then “System Software” and finally “Data Transfer”. The cable speeds up the copying process enormously. You only need to be logged in to both systems with the same account – a transfer between different users is not possible. You can also use a USB memory for saved games or load data from the cloud on PS5.

Save storage space

The available memory on PlayStation 5 is not enough for about 667 GB – for example, the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War already takes almost 150 GB. Because external hard drives are currently not working properly, you need to weigh what you want to install. You can save some storage space by disabling automatic trophy video recording.

In delivery mode, the console creates a small video for each trophy achieved. With the shutdown, you do not gain much at the moment, but in the long run, you avoid the SSD being covered with a lot of clips. To do this, go to the settings, select “Recordings and Transmissions” and disable “Save Trophy Videos”.

Adjust 3D sound

If you use headphones while playing, you can use Sony’s internal Tempest 3D AudioTech. This ensures a successful virtual surround sound, even with fairly inexpensive headsets. To turn on the 3D sound, go to the settings and then to the “Sound” menu. Then select “Enable 3D Audio”. In the setting below, you can change the volume of the sound in several steps. The exemplary splashing of water travels a little up or down to deal with different ear positions – choose the variant that suits your hearing sensitivity.

Switch off the control unit’s micro

By default, the microphone on the DualSense controller is turned on when you start the console. If you do not want to use it, press the small button between the analog sticks. A corresponding symbol is then displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. In addition, the LED lights up permanently yellow, indicating that the microphone is muted. To turn off the entire audio output on the PS5, press and hold the small button for about one second. The yellow light then pulsates.

Set the trigger effect

The adaptive triggers for the DualSense controller are basically a good idea. However, the default setting may offer a little too much resistance to one or the other. But it can be changed: Click on Settings, then on “Accessories” and then on “Controller”. There you will find the item “Intensity of the trigger effect” and you can change it in several steps or turn it off completely.

Customize the control center

The control center is opened by pressing the PS button. You can adjust the buttons shown there for quick access: Press the option button in the control center to open a submenu. There, you can add or remove the following controls in Quick Access: Game Base (friends list), music, broadcast, availability, network, audio and microphone.

Specify game settings

You can already anchor some key specifications for games in the console. Click on the settings, select “Saved data and games / app settings” and then the entry “Game preferences”. There you set the level of difficulty with which each game should start. You can also decide whether a title generally prefers performance (such as higher frame rate) or resolution.

Ensure good ventilation

The fan for the PlayStation 5 is quiet compared to the PS4, but the new console also needs enough fresh air. Do not place the console in a closed cabinet or narrow shelf. A rug with high fibers should also be avoided. Make sure the unit is at least ten inches from a wall at the top and back. Then the PS5 can suck in the fresh air at the top and let the exhaust air back out.

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