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Nazan Eckes + Julian Khol: "We Are not Saints"

Who experiences this couple, feels a newly-loved fire. There is
Nazan Eckes
, 42 and
Julian Khol
, 38, already together for ten years, six of them married.

Nazan Eckes & Julian Khol: It's their marriage and family life

Nazan Eckes and Julian Khol have been married for six years.

Nazan Eckes and Julian Khol have been married for six years.

The TV presenter and the Austrian artist met in Vienna on the shining life ball. "I saved Nazan from a green man in a silvertong," says Khol with a smile. Now they are sitting on a couch in a California vacation home. He immediately hit his arm around her. But they are not a vacation here: Nazan Eckes is working on a Hollywood secret project. Meanwhile, Julian Khol is inspired by the art world in Los Angeles. And the sons Lounis, 4 and Ilyas, 2, discover something new every day.

GALA: Nazan, it was immediately clear that the whole family is coming to California?

Nazan Eckes: I would never have promised the job if I could not take the family with me. Five weeks without the kids and Julian? I do nothing more alone anymore. Now there's only us.

GALA: How did the project come?

Nazan: When asked from Hollywood, I thought someone was doing a bad joke. Now I'm here, and it feels like a dream.

GALA: Did you agree, Julian?

Julian Khol: Half a year ago we had already been thinking about going abroad. The thought is always with us in the room, we are like migratory birds. Nazan's job is a great way to try it out. For a while, we were more or less tied to a place through our children's birth. Now the children are old enough and we can fly with them and discover something new.

GALA: When do you plan to move abroad, where do you want to move?

Nazan: We actually talked about L.A. But to me it's far too far from friends and family. Turkey is always a problem for me. And Italy fascinates us both very much – it's not for nothing that we got married in Florence. But probably Julian and I will not emigrate until the age of 70, when the children are out of the house. (Laughing)

GALA: Do you have to work for another?

Julian: When we met, we decided to share everything between us. When it comes to children, Nazan has also stressed the importance of her. If she has three hard days with hardest sleep, I take over the children. And when I'm in exhibition gala or have to go to Berlin for a week, she takes care of everything. No one has to back down for the other.

GALA: Sounds very harmonious.

Nazan: We are not saints who just make it done. We also know that: you get back from work, stressed, and the one who has scrubbed everything at home is equally stressed. Who has the privilege of sleeping? There is also some friction.

Julian: Without a healthy conflict, no relationship works. It must break.

Nazan: It makes it. (Laughing)

GALA: Who's quieter in an argument?

Julian: I have shorter fuse. Nazan can generally be much more. She also stays longer without sleep. And she can endure things much longer without getting upset. But she's always grateful when I start. Then she can let go.

Nazan: I'm like a balloon that has been inflated. Julian points in – and it breaks out of me.

GALA: What are you joking with each other?

Nazan: (looking at him) Julian is like a third child to clean up.

Julian: It is right.

Nazan: We have a constant chaos in our house. Sometimes I'm running because I'm constantly circling to clean up. When I get to the top, I can start down again. That is one thing we always discuss. But nothing changes.

GALA: Would you call it "artistic freedom", Julian?

Julian: Rather a little messi. (flashing and laughing) Nazan has already taught me a little to clean up.

GALA: What makes you happy about Nazan?

Julian: Nothing.

Nazan: Come on, tell me now!

Julian: So what bothering me is that you can not open your mouth. When Nazan feels sick, she walks around irritated for two days instead of saying what interferes with her. I have to ask her a hundred times: what's up? (He imitates her Voice) "Nothing happens." Come on, what's up? "Nothing in progress!" At one point she will say that. And I think: Man, you would have said that two days ago the problem would be solved a long time ago. (Nazan laughs)

GALA: How has your relationship changed over the years?

Nazan: Today, I feel an unconditional and deep love for Julian. Through the children we have created our own world. We together experience how they talk and learn to go. Obviously, we have to take back the consensus. We do not go out as much as we used, and we can not cook on the sofa comfortably for five hours on Sunday. But we always manage to see each other in the eye for more than two minutes. I feel so strong with Julian and the children. I could tear out trees!

Julian: Love is like a computer game: you can do it from level to level. And that makes her so interesting with all her obstacles. Our secret is that we not only experience things together, but also discuss them. Obviously everything got a crazy seriousness from the children. Therefore, I admire all more single parents today. None of us could handle this enormous responsibility for a child alone. This knowledge is welding us together. We are like Wonder Woman and Captain America.

GALA: Make each other still Compliments?

Nazan: Actually every day. I just like Julian's wild curly hair very much. He used to wear them very short for years. And I also like his eyes very much. But I do not want to reduce it to the outside, because there are so many other beautiful things behind these beautiful eyes.

Julian: We always tell us what bothered us or rejoices.

Nazan: I get the most compliments from Julian when I've only slept for three hours, the dark circles are deep and my hair is on top of my neck. Then he comes around the corner and says, "Big see you!" And my day is saved.

Julian: You always look pretty good.

Nazan: It's not true. But I have jobs where much emphasis is placed on appearances. Julian strengthens me in a completely different direction. It does not matter to him if I'm completely ready or rattling – he does not like it anyway. Or if there are signs that my twenties are long over. He makes me feel good as a woman. I'm good at his side, even though I look horrible.

GALA: What topics do you not get to a common denominator?

Julian: I have to watch "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" alone.

Nazan: And you have nothing to do with this through-instagram scroll. I like it, although I sometimes stay on my phone for a long time. Julian is right, real life is much more interesting than social media.

Julian: Wherever we do not come to a common denominator: Nazan never leaves me with any of the coffee.

Nazan: He only tolerates three soups of coffee. I always forget to leave him in my cup.

GALA: What do you have from each other? learned?

Julian: I was and am still a closed lonely one. But I have learned from Nazan and her family that they are more open.

Nazan: I have learned through Julian to recognize my own mistakes more quickly. I'm so incredibly stubborn! This is the bold Turkish pride that sometimes gets in my way. Julian has read the Levites to me several times. Today I break a little less, he crowns me to apologize. By the way, I'm just thinking of something I'm Julian on the cake. He keeps zero points sometimes, meetings or events. How often did I get sweaty somewhere and thought, when will he finally come?

GALA: Do you have an example?

Nazan: Just recently in a nursery. The children's white shirts were recently made. I was already dressed. Ten minutes before we had to leave, he is still not there with the kids. And then they come home. All the rocks, squishes …

Julian: … but happy! (Grins)

Nazan: We had to do it in five minutes. At the event, Lounis was performing on stage for the first time with a small vocal group. Of course we arrived too late. We will always be late. It's the first controversy. Julian does not just watch the clock.

Nazan Eckes in the GALA interview

"I'm not a super-mom"


Nazan Eckes

GALA: You said earlier that you want to divide everything into yourself. Is that also true Household?

Nazan: I make a hundred percent in the household. (Laughing)

Julian: No no! I take care that the house does not go over the head, there is light everywhere and that the garden looks pretty good. I do the caretaker, she's cleaning lady.

GALA: Who takes out the garbage?

Nazan: It was actually Julian's job. Quietly and secretly he has passed over to me. Julian likes to shop. I hate shopping. I'd rather clean the house five times, wash and iron. Household work has something meditative for me.

GALA: What do you want to know, what Julian is good at?

Nazan: I would like to be so confident.

Julian: Really?

Nazan: It's about the security you have in everyday life. If someone pushes me in front of the box, I say nothing. If I do not like the food in the restaurant, I say nothing. Just to not attract attention. You are honest and do your right.

Julian: I would like your patience. If something does not work right away, I get crazy. It is one of my biggest weaknesses. I hate it myself, and I fight it.

GALA: Nazan, your husband's last name has been in your passport after the wedding. Are you planning to throw Eckes name publicly?

Nazan: At some point I want to change it – Eckes is a scanned name for me. And so I can hide myself privately evenly after the last name, if I book something or write a complaint. (Laughing)

Julian: Eckes has established itself as a brand on television. Of course everyone knows in kindergarten who mom is and pick up her boys.

Nazan: At home I go back to my role …

Julian: … like mom Khol.

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