Sunday , December 6 2020

Millions of frauds on the construction site of the sauna tunnel

Building materials worth more than two million euros are said to have been redirected from a construction site and sold secretly. “Eight suspects are being investigated for fraud and breach of trust,” said Leoben’s chief prosecutor Andreas Riedler. According to a report from “Kurier”, the prosecutor plans to bring charges this year. According to the authorities, some of the accused have confessed.

The fraud damaged the construction of the Marti tunnel consortium and thus the public sector as a customer for the Semmering base tunnel. The consortium was awarded the contract by ÖBB for the seven-kilometer-long Grautschenhof tunnel section between Mürzzuschlag and Spital am Semmering.

The main buyer of the construction site, together with employees, is said to have diverted lots of bricks, concrete, structural steel and other materials and resold them. Suppliers are also investigated on the basis of false invoices. The processes could not be detected for a long time and were only noticed when about 300,000 liters of diesel disappeared from the construction site in 2018. This fuel is said to have been sold to farmers in the area at least in part at dumped prices.


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