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Michael Schumacher: So proud is Corinna of Gina's daughter

Corinna Schumacher talks in a rare interview about her family life with husband Michael and tells why she is particularly proud of her daughter Gina.

You are one of the few celebrity couples whose love stands the test of time. Michael Schumacher (50) and Ehefrau Corinna (50) have been married for almost 25 years. Together they have son Mick (20) and daughter Gina (22). Since the skiing accident of the Formula 1 legend in December 2013, it is Corinna who is leading the family's skiing. It guides your children to public events and dates and protects the privacy of their husbands.

With the exciting new look Corinna recently got excited in Budapest, see her in the video above.

Mick Schumacher enters his famous father's footsteps and drives ebony car racing. Why his father is very important to me, we betray him in the video:

Son Mick emotionally rarely: "Having a father as a father is something very special"

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He flew them to Dubai to buy a horse

In an interview with "Gala", the passionate Western horsewoman assured a rare insight into your private life and betray who is grateful to her husband. "When I was 30 and dreaming of owning a horse, he flew with me to Dubai to look for an Arab horse," said Corinna Schumacher. Instead of a warm-blood, she fell in love with Tyson, a Western horse.

Your passion for horseback riding continues to this day and is held at your farm in Switzerland and even tournaments. Your daughter Gina, meanwhile, is successful even as a professional Western horseman and participates in European and World Championships.

With the moving call Gina Schumacher stirred in tears, we also say in the video:

Moving call: "Fight again!"

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Gina Schumacher is living her dream

Because her daughter is more successful than herself, Corinna Schumacher does not bother a bit, by contrast. "I'm so proud, if I see Gina. It makes me happy that she can, she was loved and that she has already achieved so much," said the proud mother, who is so upset that Michael Schumacher was Time prophecy hated that Gina would be overwhelmed once.

"Hey, was to go. I spend the whole day with the horses and try to learn everything," she said repeatedly, while her husband replied that she apparently said nothing, while her daughter Gina could also say no. Whether Gina inherited this character train from your father? Finally, in Formula 1, it was known, precisely, to know exactly what he wanted and was not.

Was a confidant of the Schumacher family to the condition of the racers, see in the video:

One confidant: "When one of these toughest exams work, ..."

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