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King Kong returns to New York as a puppet theater «


King Kong is back in New York. Monkey Monster celebrates its premiere on Thursday, November 8 at Broadway Theater, probably the largest puppet in Broadway's history. Ten people need to move the six meter high and 450-pound monkey doll. "You've never seen such a puppet," wrote the New York Times.

11:24, November 7, 2018

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The story of the giant monster brought to Broadway by Australian creators for $ 35 million in production costs remains the same as in the 1933 movie classics – and told quickly: an adventurer and director finds a leading actress and travels with her to a distant island A monster is said to be. King Kong was caught, caught and taken to New York, but the actress recognizes the man in the monster and helps him to free himself.

The two climbed to the Empire State Building, where King Kong is finally shot. Countless new remakes of the material have meant that Monkey Monster is still world famous today.

"He's not a movie," says adventurer and director Carl Denham in the Broadway game. "I saw everything wrong, it's theater!" And so tells the story on stage – with a blend of modern audio, video and lighting effects that drive ships through the ocean and lets King Kong run on New York Street, but also with an old-fashioned puppet, but of a brand new dimension.

The King Kong myth is supposed to draw New Yorkers and tourists to the theater on stage in the original, and they bark strongly for almost three hours. At the beginning of the paragraph, viewers are asked to turn off their mobile phones – otherwise it will be for you. "Who is in – expensive – first line, already coming from a bag. The many performances were well-attended and received a lot of applause, the first reviews were quite mixed.)

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