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Kickl in the BVT committee: "It's not an error affecting my house"


Kickl in the BVT committee: "It's not an error affecting my house"

Vienna. The Opposition, however, confronts the Interior Minister with several opposites.

Kickl in the BVT committee:

Kickl would have been "only selectively informed" in the deal. Image: APA

"I can assure you that only security certified officials are present today." With a remark to the media, Chairman Doris Bures (SP) opened yesterday on the twelfth day of the session of the BVT Investigation Committee. Until then, just before the body investigating a secret service focused on extremism observation, a security staff from the Nazi environment had its service.

With Herbert Kickl (FP), the first person was responsible for the business on business for the first time. The Interior Minister dismissed all allegations of opposition. He had known the bundle of charges against BVT officials, who had been "against Dirty Campaigning" for months. The prosecutor has filed the paper, but his general secretary Peter Goldgruber. Of which he was also informed "mostly in retrospect and punctuality". He had never gone for a Umferbeaction. The order to "clean up" in the secret service, as stated in a journal of prosecutor Ursula Schmudermayer, "did not say so," stressed Kickl.

For the opposition, the Interior Minister remained dizzy in various opposites. In fact, Kickl did not mention in a parliamentary question that he had received Ursula Ria P., one of the four responsible witnesses, at the FP club. Kickl said yesterday: He already knew P's allegations of passport and sexual harassment and left soon because the conversation was "no longer interesting to me".

Kai Jan Krainer (SP) and Peter Pilz ("Now") accused the minister of publicly denying BAT business damage, despite being threatened with expulsion from the international network of intelligence services.

It was high when mushrooms referred to the statement by BAT boss Peter Gridling, who had complained that Goldgruber wanted to know from him the names of undercover agents in brotherhood. He had not been in the conversation. And it is "a real insinuation" to accuse him of "taking office abuse and endangering the investigator's life to protect right extremists," said Kickl. Pilz, however, announced that there would be suspicion of abuse of offices investigated by the court.

Resistance from the house came from Michaela Kardeis. Unlike Kickl, the Director General of Public Security confirmed that the head of the BVT Extremism Unit, Sibylle G., would be added to early retirement by the Head of Department.


Support for Peter Goldgruber at a sensitive point came yesterday from the Director General for Public Security in the BAT Commission. Michaela Kardeis could not confirm that the Secretary of State of the Interior had requested the name of undercover investigator from BVT chief Peter Gridling in a six eye call. What Gridling has stated in the committee.

The presentation was confirmed by Sibylle G. The chief of the extremist department had complained of bullying. Kardeis acknowledged errors in dealing with G., who offered his early retirement or transfer to the sports department ("It was more like the mallet method"). The background was that Goldgruber, but also Herbert Kick's cabinet member Udo Lett, deprived the unit chief of the Nazi songbook scandal. Goldgruber, who denies such a conversation, is said to have complained to her that G. had known the songbooks for over two years and played them especially in the Lower Austrian election campaign.

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