Thursday , April 15 2021

Houses in Vienna evacuated for carbon monoxide "

At 8:00 AM on Saturday, a deployment of the Vienna Professional Rescue and Fire Department in Piaristengasse in Vienna-Josefstadt caused a feeling. After a corresponding alarm, a house was temporarily evacuated due to detected carbon monoxide. Five people came to the hospital.

First, a rescue organization should have picked up an older couple from their apartment in the house. It was a routine transport for outpatient treatment at the hospital. The crew of the car but pay attention because the two elderly suffered severe health and urged an emergency medical practitioner at the professional rescue service in Vienna. These emergency vehicles also have a carbon monoxide sensor on board. It was an alarm, after which the fire department left.

The house was temporarily evacuated until extensive measurements ensured that there was no danger. Older couples and a family of three from another apartment were taken to the hospital. Remaining residents could return to their premises. According to the fire department, a small 5 liter instant water heater without suitable ventilation in the couple's home may have been the reason.


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