Saturday , June 19 2021

Handles (65) drowned in dust

WALDBURG – A 65-year-old Mühlviertler's tragic death ended an accident in Waldburg (Freistadt district) on the night of Friday. The pensioner had crashed his car in a fire pond and drowned.

At 23.10, eCall's crash sensor system installed in the vehicle had sent an emergency signal, which was sent to the manufacturer's emergency center. An employee informed the Freistadt Police Inspectorate, who immediately sent a patrol to the accident site.

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When the officials arrived there, they could not initially discover a vehicle. Only after the determination of the exact GPS coordinates, they found the scene of accidents. The car was completely extinguished in about two meters of deep water. War brothers Waldburg and Freistadt gave birth to the car. The rescue service could only determine the driver's death.

Two feet deep water

Studies showed that Waldburger had traveled by car on the Prückl access road in the village of Marreith at the junction of the Prücklberg freeway. The vehicle slipped across the street, triggered the local fire of extinguishing dust and entered the water. The driver may have drowned in the driver's seat. The police took the night investigations into the cause of the accident, possibly Mühlviertler had health problems.

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