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Flown from the police, young Innviertler shaved against a tree and died

Flown from the police, young Innviertler shaved against a tree and died

DISTRICT SCREEN. The accident drama in Münzkirchen: The 23-year-old wanted to elute a police officer.

Flown from the police, young Innviertler shaved against a tree and died

Tragic death with a 23 year old Schardenberger. In the collision with this tree in the municipality of Münzkirchen, the young man suffered the fatal injuries, however, died in place. Picture: Scharinger

For an 23-year-old Innviertler, the attempt to escape police control fatalized. The young Schardenberger was on Sunday at 3.15 on the road Sauwald Road when a police wanted to stop him in Münzkirchen municipality.

The officer gave the Audi A5 driver a stop light with a red light, which was ignored by 23-year-old Stefan R. The young man accelerated and fled against Münzkirchen. Even though the police do not pursue Audi's pursuit, they started a radio broadcast. A little later, the young control of his vehicle lost in a powerful left turn. The car came out to the right of the road and crashed his head against a tree. According to the first survey, Schardenberger should not have been bellied.

Any help came too late

The police, the ambulance and three fire brigades at the scene were sent quickly to save the injured boy from the wreck. The group inspector Helmut Reisinger of the Münzkirchen post was involved in the investigation at the scene of the accident: "The young man was rescuing for quite some time, but the ambulance and rescue service could not save him." He died at the scene of the accident not untouched. "

Audi is not tracked

"The colleague who wanted to stop the guy did not follow him and initiated a radio detector. The circuit board was known to us and the official knew that a patrol is in the area where Audi has been driving," says Helmut Reisinger, group inspector opposite OÖNachrichten.

The accident driver was freed from the wreck of the volunteers of the Volunteer Fire Corps Münzkirchen, Schießdorf and St. Novel. Ambulance and paramedics could not help him anymore. The cleaning of the accident took about two hours.

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