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Fish relieves asthma symptoms in children


Two fish measurements per week relieve asthma symptoms in children.

Twice a week fish: this benefits children suffering from asthma.

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Tis 06 November 2018

A healthy diet with two fish measurements a week relieved asthma symptoms in children. Compared with children with unchanged diet, they led significantly less from inflammation of the respiratory tract.


According to an international study, a healthy high-fat Mediterranean diet like salmon, trout and sardines can have a positive effect on the lung function of asthma children. Already two meals a week, the signs of airway inflammation decreased.
"We already know that a diet rich in fat, sugar and salt can affect the progression and progression of childhood asthma and now we have evidence that the symptoms may contain a healthy diet," says senior author Maria Papamichael of La Trobe University in Melbourne. "Our study shows that only two fish sizes per week can reduce inflammation in asthma children."

Asthma is the most common respiratory disease in adolescents and one of the main causes of acute treatment and hospital care in children. The study included 64 children from Athens between five and twelve years, who had mild asthma. They were divided into two groups, one of which would receive at least 150 grams of fish twice a week. The children in the other group did not change their diet. Half a year later they were screened for lung function and respiratory tract infections and the results of both groups were compared.


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