Monday , November 30 2020

Filmfest Mannheim-Heidelberg: Prize for “My Mexican Bretzel” – Culture –

The film “My Mexican Bretzel” was awarded the main prize at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, the organizers announced on Sunday. The jury justified the decision that the Spanish director Nuria Giménez Lorang’s debut film was extremely eccentric and entertaining and at the same time questioned what a film is and what it is allowed to do. The International Newcomer Award, awarded with 25,000 euros, is given for the best directorial work.

The film “Single Cycle” received the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Award for best screenplay. The price is 10,000 euros. The film “Lorelei” by the American director Sabrina Doyle won the audience award.

The Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival took place completely digitally this year due to the corona. During the eleven days, about 40 movies were shown on an online platform. Many of the films selected at the major international film festivals in Cannes, Venice and Toronto were shown for the first time in Germany at the film festival under the new director Sascha Keilholz.

The largest film festival in Baden-Württemberg has been held since 1952 and promotes young film artists from all over the world. It specializes in discovering new directorial talent every year.

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