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Diabetes Type 2: Who is in control of a rule, gets blood glucose levels under control


Most diabetics suffer from type 2 diabetes. You do not need to swallow tablets or inject insulin directly. Only through the following simple measures can now reach normal blood glucose levels.

People with type 2 diabetes have a good chance of managing their illness through a change of diet and exercise. Above all, obese diabetics should lose weight, explains Diabetologist Prof. Knut Mai of Charité in Berlin. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are closely related.

Obesity of organs can also be the cause of type 2 diabetes

In people with diabetes type 2 – the most common type of diabetes – Although the body produces the blood sugar lowering hormone insulin, it does not work properly in the cells anymore. This so-called insulin resistance can also be due to the body's obesity.

Type 2 diabetics lose weight and move more, fat burning increases, and the organs and muscles respond better to insulin again. Interested people should therefore always seek a healthier lifestyle. Only if this does not lead to the goal are drugs.

Losing weight works well with a diet

In order to achieve approximately normal blood sugar levels, a fairly large weight loss is very helpful, Professor Andreas Pfeiffer emphasizes from the German Institute for Nutrition Research (DIfE) Potsdam-Rehbrücke. Who loses at least 15 kilos within the first six years after being aware of diabetes, according to a study from the UK, has the best chances.

Most obese patients from Prof. Mai discontinue using a so-called diet. The meals are partially or completely replaced with liquid dissolved in liquid. "The patient consumes only about 800 kilocalories daily for about eight weeks"explains Prof. Mai.

220 kilograms man removes about half of their weightThen he looks now,

Important for Type 2 diabetes: keep normal weight

It is important that this happens under medical supervision. Why? "For example, high blood pressure usually decreases with rapid weight loss – then the drug must be adjusted accordingly. "According to Prof. Mai, patients lose about 8-15 percent of their body weight with a diet.

According to Pfeiffer and Mai, it is harder to hold the weight. "Unfortunately, we see patients recovering soon," says Mai. His tips: In a nutritional consultation you can learn how an optimal diet can look, "Studies indicate that it should be more protein rich and have a low glycemic index."

Mother loses half of her weightthanks to a little trick,

Sports as important in diabetes as the right diet

Mai recommends relatives of the victims to followFirst, it's hard to eat healthy when others at the table do not. Secondly, a balanced diet is healthy for everyone.

In addition, exercise is important for losing as much fat as possible, but less muscle mass as part of weight loss. Corn experience after it goes best in the group, "Find a training partner or a whole running group", his advice is. So the inhibition threshold is greater, not going to exercise. Finally, someone is waiting there.


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