Sunday , November 29 2020

Celebrity views on separation: Andrej Mangold thinks it’s bitter

Andrej Mangold (33) is probably not that enthusiastic about it. The former bachelor has been on everyone’s lips in recent months and has made many negative headlines – mainly because of his probably manipulative and exclusive behavior in the stars’ summer home. Now his separation from Jennifer Lange (27) became known. And it caused a huge sensation – other celebrities also commented publicly about the love. It finds Andrew completely embarrassing!

I dess Instagram-Story, the 33-year-old expresses his dissatisfaction with the public who express their opinion about his failed relationship. “I’m really surprised at how many people there are who use my name to get headlines in some way,” criticized the professional basketball player. Those who comment on the events in public even if they do not even know him would be angry with him. Arg domare Andrew clear words to you: Guys, do you have nothing better to do than talk about me? Is your life so boring that you think about me, the situation or Jennifer have to express? I find it extremely embarrassing. “

For whom exactly this announcement is intended, the 33-year-old does not want to reveal – he does not want to offer the people concerned an additional platform. But they would already notice that they are meant.

Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange, reality TV stars
Andrej Mangold, Reality TV Star
Jennifer Lange and Andrej Mangold in June 2020

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