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Beta 2020, Release 2021, Amazon and Paladin

von Norbert Rätz
The Blizzcon is already ready, since it "already" leaks. According to a prepared Diablo 4-leak posted four months ago, these points are all confirmed, the developers have prepared a beta and release term in the eye. Following all info.

For about four months, a leak was posted on Redablo's Diablo channel, which – all of which at this time coursing Diablo 4 rumors – received mixed feedback. Now, according to Blizzcon, this posting is confirmed point by point – the source thus seems reliable. In addition to the exact preview of the features, classes and so on, gibts and info for the Diablo 2 Remaster remain, the next two classes as well as the scheduled beta and release schedule. We have the simplicity of being able to translate the whole, so that you can even convince yourself of the authenticity.

"I'm one of the first to see Diablo IV behind closed doors and know that many are waiting for the details and goodies of the next big thing in the Diablo Universe / franchise. Obviously I can't give my references or say anything am, besides the fact that Diablo IV is finally presented to some of Blizzard's guitar editors. No matter what the info is, she was; I don't care if she believes or not, I really have nothing to gain here. Also, Diablo IV was and was going to happen in the near future.

  • Official Title – Diablo IV (No subtitle).
  • Camera view and genre – Isometric MMOARPG.
  • No loading times (other than initial loading in play or login and unsubscribe).
  • Newly released engine with a lot of improvements to Diablo III and new features for new gaming systems and visual design.
  • Designed from scratch and for consoles.
  • Art-Style is VERY gloomy, bloody and coarse-grained – in some Diablo II mixed with Dark Souls and Bloodborne, obviously much more modern. The new Engine can generate atmospheric graphics and dark tones that draw the players into the interior. Imagine the world sanctuaries in the universe of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Super-dark and Gothic.
  • Blizzard is pleased with the many systems and enhancements they have developed over the course of Diablo III – Canis Worms, Transmogs, Seasonal Travel, (Large) Nephale Portals and so on.
  • Blizzard learned a lot from the mistakes / lessons of Diablo III and Reaper of Souls and used the feedback to create and design new and improved Diablo IV systems.
  • The music will be returned to Diablo I and Diablo II. She feels very familiar to old-school Diablo fans, but also has her own, unique twists and sounds specially tailored to Diablo IV.
  • Blizzard sees Diablo IV as a reboot of the franchise. Those who wanted a Diablo II remake and a brand new Diablo game were delighted. Basically, it is a combination of both created for the modern game era. It looks good to compare with the latest God of War, which will be released in April 2018 for the PlayStation 4.
  • A Diablo II remake / remaster was planned, but the developers later acknowledged that it would be much better to completely reboot the franchise and pack most fan requests in one giant package.
  • The demo we saw lasted about 20 to 30 minutes. I'm not sure if this is the same demo they used for Blizzcon later this year, or if they have a new one at work created specifically for the fans and the press.
  • The demo highlights core elements of Diablo IV such as the booty, the barbarian class (including a bit of Druid), the fights and the (in my opinion) most interesting: Whatever comes together as an isometric MMO, simplifies into a brand new ecosystem and a Diablo experience the next generation created.
  • The world of Sanctuary is MUCH, MUCH bigger than before, as this game is one MMO way (Note: Red: One MMO "Light"). The place is necessarily to entertain the players.
  • A server will accommodate approximately 100 people simultaneously.
  • Tristram is said to be one of the capitals in the game (it was one we saw in the demo). Blizzard softly said that giving more player collection points, had never shown or said anything, was she.
  • You can exchange objects with other players in the game, such as gold, basic craft materials (special craft materials are not sold and can not be sold) as well as any kind of bag that ranges from gray quality to rare yellow. The developers are not yet sure they were looking at the game economy with legendary objects / weapons and whether they should be tradable or not. This lies in the competitiveness of one and the other in the endgame systems, which combine many functions with the legendary boot.
  • The class, which is very detailed to the guitarists, was a barbarian with signature moves like whirlwind and many other favorite abilities. Druids were certainly part of the demo, but for a very short time and only as an example for their new combination combat system.
  • The combat system will have Combos. You could try to combine a combination of skills with each other to cause more damage or attacks with a wide range of action. As a barbarian you can, for example, enter a chain into an enemy and then jump over. Then you had the choice, either to throw in another demon or to pack it and to bare ground with bare hands in ground and ground, or simply to operate the target and then use a directional action to catch your head. You can execute execution actions ONLY when the enemy is near you.
  • The demo showed who a druid player can use the combo system. In the clip, players were able to seamlessly transform into various animal forms (including wolf and bear) in the middle of the fight – without any remarkable transitions or elaborate attack animations for any form. It looks very impressive.
  • The combo system is being developed to further develop the struggles of the Diablo franchise. The developers wanted to make sure that the fight was dark and gloomy as the game became.
  • Paladin, barbarian, sorcerer, amazon and druid are planned for the start, further classes will follow later. Blizzard made sure that those folks who felt like Diablo II felt like they were in a fresh new era of the franchise. The developers also discussed whether or not the druids or necromancy class should be considered when launching Diablo IV. They decide to raise the Druids to the start of Diablo IV and the Totenbschwörer for later, as the Necro has appeared for Diablo III.
  • Crafting is recovered in Diablo IV and a very important system as well as part of the entire game and its economy said. If you have fun in crafting MMOs or games, you are right here according to Blizzard.
  • Blizzard knows games such as Path of Exile, Grim Dawn as well as Clouds and their current skill systems. In fact, they have a dedicated team that is intensely engaged in these games for research and game development purposes. Blizzard writes for Diablo IV and it was new, the character's progress was noticed, and yes, even the assignments of the value are back.
  • No word yet on PvP or similar. Blizzard softly points out that the PvP factor is important for many players as they hit the MMO path. At the same time, they concentrate heavily on creating a fantastic PvE Diablo experience. Since the PvP in Diablo III, they have not promised anything more in advance, to disappoint the fans later. PvP is something that will be taken in the future in August, as long as the game has sufficient stability and the player base is happy.
  • Diablo IV will end the new era for Diablo and play a game as a service. New free content patches were opened that included "Quality of Life" changes, new features, elements, etc. Hinzufügen. Affiliate extensions are, of course, possible, but a firm decision has not yet been made. Blizzard will then know exactly when the game is started and successful. They could only announce it, if they were 100% sure, they hoped and were added after lunch.
  • Currently, the goal is to create the playable demo for Blizzcon 2019 and of course the entire marketing material. Then you are getting ready for the beta in the year 2020 and then preparing for the release.
  • The disclosure will be discussed between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, nevertheless, who is running these things, but currently it seems likely that it will be the beginning of 2021. Diablo IV is coming for PC, PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett (Next-Gen Xbox) (Note: Ed: Since the developers still do not know the release dates for PS5 and Scarlett, only first confirm PS4 and Xbox One). "

Among the beta and release dates given here is to say that even if the developers emphasized on the Blizzcon, that many still say, 2021 as a launch year seems very realistic. For some, fans who don't care about the failure of the Diablo II Remaster certainly won't have to wait much longer and for others, a Diablo 4 in 2021 would fit perfectly as a Major Game Release between WoW: Shadowlands in 2020 and a potential ninth WoW extension in 2022 .

The Amazon and a healing class for the first release are basically a "no brainer" if you want to revive Diablo II mood. Also, one complaint class is a duty. The author of these articles would have rather seen an Amazon and a monk (as a reference in Diablo III), but the developers seem to be saying "all in" here in point of Diablo II. As a complainer, some of the new ones would not be bad, for example – instead of a token complainer – a real demonic warlock in Lilith-look as representative of the new Diablo era.

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