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BAT-Chef Gridling was announced in the U committee «


Peter Gridling has met the resistance expectations. In his appearance in the BVT-U Committee, the Director General of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight Against Terrorism issued a strong message, both to the Head of Division and to the Prosecutor.

15:36, 07 November 2018


Gridling is so since last week, the investigation of his person on business. Disappointed with liberal leadership, the highest official on Wednesday saw no reason to consider.

The Director General of Directorate-General Peter Goldgruber said, for example, that he was not interested in clarifying the facts: "See what you say to me, not that I have to testify to you as I would" He is said to have been informed by the highest official at the department and on the same once made clear to him that in the future he would most be more of an official.

Regarding Goldgruber's request for BAT on secret investigators in the right-hand corner, Gridling's Secretary-General had problems. In his memory, Goldgruber also called for a name. The Secretary-General had another memory yesterday in the committee.

Whether it is a demanded SPÖ confrontation of the two, it should be decided only in the next few days after reviewing the commemorative memory. ÖVP, whose group leader Werner Amon Gridling showed high credibility, acknowledged a host of contradictions. NEOS demanded the suspension Goldgrubers on Wednesday.

Interestingly, unintentionally finding the investigation was by Michael Kloibmüller and the Cabinet Director of several OSCE Ministers once asked for BVT secret investigators – of course, for a very different reason, namely Kazakh's contacts with lawyer Gabriel Lansky.

Gridling also stated that he had not shared any specific information in both cases. Otherwise, BVT employees could have been threatened. A secret investigator could "threaten everything to death" in the event of his flight, "said Gridling.

The prosecutor's office for economics and corruption remained unpublished in the statements of the BVT director. Gridling was surprised that Udo Lett was Goldgruber's closest colleague during his interrogation in the suburb. In addition, the prosecutor's office, with a more careful approach, could have avoided the increase in housing in the federal office, which had made waves across the Austrian borders.

Gridling also made it clear that the deal is not yet international. Of course there are annoyances in partner services, cooperation is based on trust: "I have to deal with this until today." His deputy Dominik Fasching, who had even ordained the office during the resignation of Gridling on behalf of the Interior Minister, confirmed irritations of foreign services, which must have been annulled.

The second interviewee in the BVT-U committee was deputy director of BOM Dominik Fasching, who had headed the office in termination of Director Gridling. Especially informative were his statements at the beginning of the investigation. He said that probably an insider had written the liaison with BVT.

At the time of his search at BVT, he had been on official business in the USA, said Fasching. He confirmed, like Gridling, that the raid had a negative impact. Internationally, it had "annoyances we had to refuse". The work of a secret service should in any case be "silent and silent" so it should not be featured daily in the media.

Fasching did not know who wrote the unfortunate bundle of charges against BVT that put the deal rolling. He believes, however, that it was "someone from the inside, someone who has been deprived of long and is isolated".

SPÖ questioned Fasching on allegations against the head of the extremist department, Sibylle G. There had been allegations that classified documents lie with her, says Fasching. "But I'm not saying there was abuse, just being accused." From who and how the accusations came, he did not know.

Fasching stated that he had been summoned by BMI Secretary General Peter Goldgruber and General Director General Public Security Michael Kardeis to restore legal status in the extremist section. Disciplinary investigations against G. were not available.

In contrast to the statements made by Gridling and Goldgruber over undercover investigators in the franchise, Fasching could not say anything. But he would not have announced the names of undercover agents.

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