Sunday , July 25 2021

AIDA surveillance video shows what happened to Küblböck

"DSDS" star Daniel Küblböck disappeared on September 9 from aboard an AIDA cruise ship. It was suspected that he had jumped abroad – since then he is believed to be dead. The search for the German star was interrupted soon. Unlikely to survive in cold water. Now a surveillance video of the AIDA vessel to clarify the event.

In the case of Daniel Küblböck, the prosecutor in Passau is hired. There was the watch video of AIDA. Advocate Walter Feiler, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, Passau, has announced "" information on Thursday.

"Fast and effective jump"

"It's a surveillance video that shows how a person jumps in. Other people are not visible." Apparently it is not clear who it is, so if it is Daniel Küblböck. Error: "The quality of this video is not that good, it's black and white and relatively indecent, but you can see that someone jumps into the water and it also suits the time." Then Daniel Küblböck disappeared from AIDA.

The video – it will show the ex-DSDS singer – now gives clarity: "It's probably true that someone jumps fast, purposefully," says Feiler.

During the months leading to this tragic event, the 33-year-old artist is said to have suffered mental health problems.

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