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1200 coaches lose their jobs at AMS next year "DiePresse.com


A good 1200 employees of private education institutions will lose their jobs next year, according to the newspaper "Der Standard". Of these, 300 trainers have previously had German courses for recognized refugees. There are also 900 other coaches who have performed classical qualification measures. The reason for this is the tightening program that the government has requested for the employment service.

AMS budget will be reduced by 2019 by 1.5 billion euros. Exact numbers are not corrected yet. The Board of AMS has still not approved the budget decision due to some open questions from the Ministry of Finance. It should have been a meeting on Tuesday. However, this was suspended and postponed until December.

However, it is clear that the special budget for the EUR 50 million integration year will be completely canceled.

Unemployed trainers should be supported

Michael Sturm, director of private education, estimates that half of the coaches who lose their jobs will not find a new job. To help them, the social partners have launched some kind of reason. The funds in this foundation should serve to allow the additional educators to work out and qualify for a new job. The Public Employment Service is expected to grant funding of approximately seven million euros for this, confirms a spokesman on request.

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