Tuesday , September 28 2021

This new Ford Ranger Raptor ad has just been banned …

Australia's advertising watchdog has banned a Ford Ranger Raptor TV ad to be "ruthless" and "unsafe".

According to the marketing and media industry news publication mUmBRELLA, Australia's ad standards said that the current commercial image depicted what would "make uncertain driving" and showed "ruthless" driving techniques.

The complainants said that the ad "encouraged the unsafe and destructive driving of others".

Ford Australia claimed, however, that the scenes were filmed on private grounds – with a professional driver behind the performance of the wheelbarrow – adding no other vehicles or pedestrians were anywhere in commercial.

"Ranger Raptor is depicted driving off-road during Ranger Raptor TVC's durability. Due to the loose nature of the surfaces it travels over, a certain terrain can sometimes be seen as offset by Ranger Raptor's off-road deck," said the brand Blue Oval, according to mUmBRELLA.

Ford believes this is an indication of the terrain surface rather than some kind of dangerous driving (like burns), adding that this was a private test facility with all driving approved by the country's owner.

But Ad Standards ruled against the brand.

"The speed that the vehicle is seen as traveling down the dirt road, dramatized by the sound of the engine and film engineers, seemed ruthless. The panel considered that the speed of the vehicle seemed insecure when the vehicle was airborne," the agency decided.

While the current ad has been suspended, we have managed to dig a clip (with permission of Ford New Zealand), which shows exactly the same scenes, albeit with slightly different text and without voiceover. Look at the ad below (Alternatively, look at the Australian version on mUmBRELLA link above) …

Article written by Ryan Bubear

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