Saturday , June 25 2022

Sunshine Hospital treatment of children questioned


A baby girl died in hospital after she had swallowed a button battery and the staff did not see until it was too late to save her.

Isabella Rees died 2015 in 14 years, and her last days live and her death is being investigated at a hearing at Coroners Court of Victoria.

Her mother Allison Rees told her that she and her husband had taken her little girl to hospital several times during the days leading up to her death. During a visit, medical staff were even asked if there was a chance that she had swallowed something – a suspicion that occurred after Bella had seen an AA battery earlier in the day when she became ill first.

A doctor at the Sunshine Hospital told her that it was not possible and that what was inside her just "passed".

The court heard that Bella had a variety of symptoms, including swelling stools, fever and vomiting blood.

Mrs. Rees said she took dirty diapers, blood clots in the crib and images as evidence, to the hospital to show that there was something wrong.

"I knew they would not believe us," she said.

They were made to feel they were overreacting.

"For every time we went we had evidence … we were just ignoring and turning away.

"It felt like we were hypocritics" The Herald Sun reported.

Bella was denied an X-ray or an ultrasound.

Coroner Caitlin English tries to determine if the hospital gave appropriate care to Bella and to find out when the child probably switched off the button battery.

The court was told that there were inconsistencies in a number of areas surrounding Bella care, including between hospital staff and records, and those belonging to Bubble's family members.

Mrs. Rees said the family was unsure how the child came into contact with the item or where the button battery came from, as devices in their homes lacked any batteries.

Inquest is expected to hear 17 witnesses including family, medical experts and Sunshine Hospital staff.

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