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Sebastian Vettel's mood and all you need to know about the Brazilian GP


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Sebastian Vettel got away with his latest red fog moment, but controversy over his behavior in the qualifying at the Brazilian Grand Prix revived memories of other events where his mood cost him a lot.

On Saturday, the trigger was that the Ferrari driver was called by the FIA's random selection process for his car to be weighed when he entered the pit at the start of the second qualification.

The question for Vettel was that the rain was in the air, and Ferrari had just taken a big strategy play, returning for another type of tire and having the car weighed could have meant he suffered very badly.

It takes time to weigh a car and with threatening clouds over Interlagos it was very possible that it could have rained before Vettel had set a turnaround time.

Vettel lets his impatience and frustration be better by him.

As the stewards report said, "The driver did not stop the engine when he was led by the officer at the waves, knocking over the woman placed to stop the driver driving on the waves, as he did.

"At that time, he got a sign to get his" brakes "by an official standing in front of the car, and while he did not hit the officer, he forced out of the way as he drove on the waves. He then switched off the engine.

"When the weight was taken, he did not expect the officials to drive the car off the waves, and while the trustees accepted that he might miss the indication from the official, he then fired the car and drove off daring, which is not the procedure because it could damage the waves, which in this case he did.

"While nobody was injured by the waves thrown out behind the car, and while the trustees accept that the driver did not drive the waves in a ruthless way, the procedure is established precisely to prevent damage to the waves or a potentially dangerous situation, which is precisely what caused. "

In the end, the stewardsna decided to issue only a commission and a fine of 25,000 euros – not a big problem for a man who earns something in the region of 30 million euros.

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Contrary to FIA's initial communication, the Vettel stopped the engine when it was on the waves, and they could properly weigh the car.

This is probably what ended Vettel to get further punishment. If a driver ignores a request for his car to be weighed, the normal penalty will be sent to the back of the grid. To ensure that a racing car is the right weight is one of the reasons for motorsport, because weight has a significant effect on lap time.

It was not hard to see why Vettel was annoyed, but at the same time rules are rules. It is not up to competitors to decide if they are following them. As Fernando Alonso said, "It's not ideal because the weather can affect things. Perhaps the rule is not the best, but it's the way it is."

This was the latest example of situations where Vettel has made his feelings better for him or made mistakes in the heat of battle.

He has screamed and sworn the team over the radio at least twice this year in high pressure. It was the infamous event in Baku in 2017 when he deliberately drove into Lewis Hamilton because he mistakenly believed that the Mercedes driver had "brake" him.

And then there are a series of mistakes he has made in the heat of battle this season that has had a potentially decisive impact on the championship.

Vettel has seemed a little tired and tired of the intensity of battle this season and what looks like a feeling that he needs to steer the team more than sometimes needed. He has already acknowledged that he needs to think about winter about how to get a cleaner season in 2019.

While he is on it, he may do worse than performing a way to stop his emotional responses triggered as easily as in the car.

Hamilton is on the pole, but Ferrari has obviously established a better strategy

Ferrari "favorites" for the race

The road traffic incident happened because Ferrari decided to call Vettel and team mate Kimi Raikkonen after doing just an exploratory lap to suit the "soft" tires instead of the "super-softs" that everyone else used.

Why were they so keen to do this? The Supersoft is faster over a lap but more delicate in the race and Ferrari wanted to start the race on softs and decided to risk the rain lasting long enough to let them get a lap later than everyone else.

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff said: "Ferrari took a big game in qualifying, changing tires when the rain was imminent, and it was rewarding.

"They are on the more robust tire for the race and they have a disadvantage at the start but a big advantage over the first 10 or 15 laps that in our models show them as a favorite (for profit).

"We did not take that risk because we thought it was disproportionate. But we understand that Ferrari where they are now and their only way to stay in fifth for the constructor's championship is to do things differently and take risks and today it paid."

After losing the driver's title to Hamilton, at least in part because of his own and their driver's fault, Ferrari still has the chance of the champion's championship. But they are 55 points behind and must score at least 12 points than Mercedes on Sunday's contest to keep the match alive for the final in Abu Dhabi in two weeks.

This they knew was their best chance to do that. "Perhaps it may make a difference," said Vettel.

Another practice in tire handling

Ferrari made their tire decisions because they think that "soft" will be much more efficient under the expected hot conditions of the race.

Vettel was already experiencing blowing on Friday, and Wolff said that avoiding this phenomenon – where the surface is overheated and bubbles – will be the key in the race.

"The biggest battle will keep these tires alive, do not blow them," he said. "With the downside of the super softness to the soft, we're a bit on the back foot. It's about handling this tire carefully until the end of the race." It's the story of motorsport tomorrow. "

This has become a recurring theme this year, and it has meant that drivers beat as much as six or seven seconds of the breed in the races to get their tires to maintain the desired distance.

If this were the case, did Wolff pray? "No, it should not," he replied.

The drivers have been tired of this and have begun pushing the tire supplier Pirelli to do something about it – as they did during the winter of 2015/16. New tires were achieved in 2017 when drivers were able to drive more, but this year we saw one step back after Pirelli had asked to produce softer tires in an unsuccessful attempt to provoke more pit stops.

Wolff said: "Pirelli had a good meeting with the drivers yesterday. We have expressed our support for Pirelli because we know it's a difficult task to handle.

"But in recent years we have simply asked the wrong things from them by making the compounds softer and smoother and trying to trigger decomposition and hence more pit stops. The strategies have come to the conclusion that the fastest race is about handling them tires and trying to achieve a single stop or a two-stop.

"Absolutely wrong direction. We need robust tires that Pirelli can perfectly produce. They only need the right targets, and drivers can drive the tires harder, they can stay in the wake in front of the car, and we will not see blistering or pregnancy that causes them seven seconds you've mentioned. "

There is music in the ears of all who think the F1 should be about drivers who are on the limit all the time, and that Pirelli's thermally sensitive tire has damaged the sport's spectacle.

Alonso has made his point of winning motorsport's informal "triple crown"

Another Indy tilt for Alonso

Fernando Alonso's Formula 1 career freaks out in a most unsatisfactory way, due to his McLaren car's flawless performance.

On Saturday, McLaren was the slowest car in Interlagos, and he was 18th, his only satisfaction that he had hit his teammate Stoffel Vandoorne – for the 20th time in 20 races this year – and Williams of Lance Stroll.

He expects a similar match at his last race in Abu Dhabi. "We will put in many emotions and a lot of effort and we will be out in the first quarter, because there is no miracle from one race to another," he said.

But on Saturday, confirmation of a reason for Alonso to look forward to the future with optimism was confirmed by McLaren that he will drive again on Indy 500 next year.

McLaren says they will drive the car and there will not be a satellite operation of another team, which was when Alonso made his first attempt at Indy 2017 with a McLaren branded car from Andretti Autosport.

In addition to that, McLaren refused to disclose further details, although it can be read that Alonso's car will have a Chevrolet engine, because Honda, the other supplier, refuses to deliver him after their F1 ratio is fractile 2015-17.

There was a glimpse in Alonso's eye at the press conference after the announcement.

"Indy is very special," he said. "It's completely unpredictable until the last 20 laps and the whole game is the first 180 laps that have been in position for the last 20 laps to compete for the win. It does not compare with any other race in motorsport."

It only makes four races Alonso is officially down for the next year so far – Indy and the last three World Championship Championships in the 2018-19 & # 39; Supreme Season.

It's not much for a man who has admitted he would be happy to compete every weekend. Is there no danger and he will get bored?

"I'll do many more but you will know step by step," he said. "Today is the first. In addition to the breeds, three breeds of the WEC, there are four tests for them so if you add the three racing weeks in racing and four weeks of testing, it's already seven to June plus the test of IndyCar and two weeks of Indy 500th

"If you see the calendar until June, maybe it's two weeks away, so even though it does not appear to be too many races, there are many preparations for these breeds. I'm looking forward to it and it's good to be back at Indy."

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