Wednesday , October 5 2022

Richard Gere silent on Moscow pretty women prize


Mosocw: Richard Gere, the actor, made a guest appearance on Tuesday at a star-studded yet secretive business forum in Moscow that provoked controversy after twin female business assistants were offered as a contest prize.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere

Organizers of the Synergy business school warned The Daily Telegraph "der burde ikke være nogen information om Richard Gere" i dens rækkevidde fordi en betingelse i hans kontrakt tillader dem at "invitere kun russisk press". Gere, 69, was the headline speaker at the Synergy Global Forum, which also hosted Malcolm Gladwell, the author, and Steven Seagal, the actor.

Tickets ranged from £ 175 ($ 304) to more than £ 5000 for VIP access.

The Hollywood leading man told the crowd at the Olympic Stadium that Moscow, once dark and repressive, was now a city of light that feels like it's a part of Europe.

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