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Mark Latham slams Joe Hildebrand over Studio 10 no show


MARK Latham has kicked up at Studio 10 co-host Joe Hildebrand after questions about his no-show for an interview with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

Mr Latham was expected to appear with Hans Hanson on Wednesday morning's show after his political recurring announcement, but immediately before going to air, he told producers that he went out and let her go solo … next to an empty chair.

While Hanson spoke of "absolute joy" she would have Mr. Latham on board, Hildebrand pointed out that the new One Nation candidate had already "broken her first promise" by not appearing on the show.

Hildebrand then confronted Latham on air outside the ABC studios, where the candidate One Nation had had other interviews.

Mr. Latham said that Hildebrand – who also wrote for news.com.au – had "a big opinion of himself", in an interview with Sam Dastyari at Triple M last night. The new One Nation recruited said that he simply had accepted a late ABC interview request, split by Ms Hanson so that the couple could make more appearances.

"Joe Hildebrand, he has a big opinion of himself, I mean, waved his microphone and showed that the media was the story," said Latham. "It seems that it's history, on his little show that focuses on weightless potions and pregnant bananas, and he makes upholstery and all silly stunts. Joe has become a clown with a big ego and likes it And I think it's pretty sad. "

Ms Hanson told Studio 10 that she had "no clue" about where her new governor was there.

"I apologize for Mark, we have got new staff, we have had other commitments and they have booked twice so that's why I'm alone," she said to the panel.

Hildebrand was doubtful. "He has not even become a NSW leader and officially approved candidate yet," said the journalist. "But he has already broken his first promise. At a time when people lose their faith in common political parties and you capitalize on it, your straight-handed straight shooter has just lied to our producer."

Co-host Angela bishop questioned the integrity of Latham as a state leader and the strength of the "marriage" between him and Hanson.

"This morning, the time you have chosen to announce you as a team, that was part of the message that a team and team are not here," said Bishop.

Mr Latham insisted that he had never "committed himself to anyone on the show" and he and Mrs. Hanson had made five other interviews in a row together.

"We had so many media requests, we thought we did the media a favor by giving them access to the One Nation story of the day that they were very interested in," said the former supervisor, who has been at the center of a series of controversies since The policy was submitted to a media commentator.

"By dividing up in the middle of the day, Pauline could make Studio 10, where she had a commitment a week earlier – they did not know about me until 7 o'clock in the morning because I had not been announced as a candidate. This thought they knew about me the day before is the biggest strain of baloney ever. Are you trying to tell me it would not have got it and it would not have been over Twitter on Tuesday night? What a waste of junk.

"Unfortunately, when the media has a big, arrogant ego and likes the story of them, you have the ridiculous shit they've been on for the past 48 hours.

"Then they came up with the thought, oh, maybe Latham and Hanson had an argument. What a lot of shit, because we continued to do joint interviews with Ben Fordham and another in – we did so many interviews, it just flies me .

"We made so many interviews together and ended the day together on 2GB and everything we did in the middle of the day shattered to give media extra access, because if Joe Hildebrand's style for some reason caused torture or harassment or scary or adheres to gunpoint, I had to go into Studio 10, I could not have said anything about my announcement at ABC with the two interviews I did. So unfortunately, the more you try to help the media, some of these fools really try to do that against you. "

Mr Latham, who was a supervisor from December 2003 to January 2005, was dismissed from the Sky News program outsiders In March 2017, he made insulting comments about a coworker.

He also resigned from Australia's financial review after writing articles that are critical of this year's Australian Rosie Batty, as well as transgender women and former Australian armed forces Catherine McGregor.

He is sued for accusation by the ABC journalist and ex-political editor of the pop culture website Junkee, Osman Faruqi, on comments Latham made his YouTube program 2017 in a video entitled "The Rise of Anti-White Racism and Terrorist Plots in Australia".

Hanson had denied that Mr Latham would be a candidate for a nation at the next federal election after he ceased to be the Liberal Democratic Party in September.

When Latham and Hanson arrived Today show Wednesday morning, host Karl Stefanovic said he "can not see it ends well" – referring to the unlikely mating of countless politicians.

But Mr. Latham was quick to cook back. "If we are weak and hopeless and fall around the floor and cry now, you would say what a pathetic duo they are," he said.

"None of us are politically correct. Both of us speak our mind." That's a good thing. "If you take a blow and are honest according to political correctness, it's a problem we would not have all the problems with NSW's public policy."

He said he joined the party to tell the truth about what happened in Sydney and the state. His main purpose is to "end Sydney congestion".

"The number in Sydney is overpopulation and over development. The city becomes unliveable and dysfunctional," he told Stefanovic.

Mr Latham also spoke about slashing immigration rates saying "we can not go with 100,000 extra people coming to Sydney". He also promised to lower electricity prices, stamp political correctness and end divisive identity policy.

But Stefanovic ruled the conversation back to the couple's characters, asked Mr. Latham if he could afford a strong woman.

"Pauline is the party leader. I listen to her. She listens to me and in this important area of ​​Sydneys growth and make the city alive, synchronizing our policies and I think it's important to give people the third choice (behind Work and the Coalition), says Latham.

When Stefanovic asks Hans Hanson if she could "keep him in line", the senator did not make it easy.

"I do not know why you keep holding him in line," she kicked back. "That's why I wanted Mark aboard because of his knowledge, his experience.

"You know, no one can knock on him, he was the opposition leader of the Labor Party. He has a lot to offer. That's why I do not know Mark ready with politics and it's definitely what a nation needs in NSW to pursue our policies."

Hanson had previously denied that Latham would be a candidate for a nation at the next federal election after he ceased to be the Liberal Democratic Party in September.

Asked about the former supervisor's return to politics, former Tasmanian Labor Prime Minister David Bartlett Latham called a "sick, sad, sorry loss".

Mr Latham earned himself the title "King Rat" from his former college colleagues after he made ads for both a nation and liberal democrats during this year's Longman federal city election.

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