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Did Sofia Richie get a bigger back like the Kardashians? See pictures – Hollywood Life


Sofia Richie went to Instagram to send a new attractive picture on November 5th, and her fans wondered if she improved her behind the Kardashians.

Sofia Richie, 20, wrote a very eye-catching photo to her Instagram on November 5th and people have asked if the model has got a job on her butt or not! The image was an ad for the clothing company A & GACI and in the picture, Sofia can be seen a soft gray piece containing some flattering pants that showed the beauty behind and yes it definitely looked. "Gettin comfy in @ agaci_store # AgaciGirl #Agacipartner #ad," Sofia caption.

It did not take long for her fans to notice the difference and they responded with different comments and asked Sofia about her ass. "Improved?", Asked a follower. "Looks like she was doing a cosmetic butt operation," said another. "Her ass looks Kardashian", another follower posted. Since Kim Kardashian and some of her sisters are known to enhance their behinds, it's easy to see why some would compare Sofia with the famous family members.

Another interesting point about Sofia's contagious speculation is the fact that she is currently participating Kourtney KardashianEx Scott Disick, 35. In fact, it has been many times that Sofia was noticed by looking like Kourtney and other KarJenners so now that her ass looks fuller, it just adds to the similarities! We are not sure if Sofia actually did something for her behind or if it's just the way the pants suit her in her latest picture, it's interesting to wonder!

Sofia Richie
Courtesy of Instagram

We update if any more pictures or information from Sofía's new look becomes available. Whether she had worked or not, we must admit she looks better than ever!

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