Sunday , November 29 2020

8-year-old boy goes from homeless to homeowners in LA after construction takes off

An American family who fell in difficult times and had to live in a shed has turned the tables, earned enough money to move out of homelessness and possibly even buy their own place.

All thanks to the eight-year-old son, Aaron Moreno.

The first grader started his own construction business which soon became Insta-famous. This then attracted more people to its GoFundMe page.

They have now accumulated over 40,000 US $ (54773.52 AU $) in savings since the corona virus began.

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Single mother Berenice Pacheco lost her job in March due to the coronavirus, which left her and her three children with no choice but to live in a shed in eastern Los Angeles.

“We had no other choice,” said Pacheco, 30 TODAY Parents.

Pacheco’s eight-year-old son, Aaron, was unable to complete his schoolwork in the small space.

The family had to use the bathroom at a nearby restaurant.

At the height of an LA summer, they were forced to endure incredibly hot conditions.

As a mother, it broke my heart. I felt that I failed my children, says Pacheco.

“The playground always made them happy, but then the playgrounds closed,” she said.

“We were stuck in that shed.”

In desperation, in March, Pacheco gave his son everything she had – $ 12 – after his proposal that he start his own company selling plants.

“I told him to invest the money,” Pacheco recalled.

It’s hard to make a profit with so little, but Aaron succeeded.

He bought eight miniature succulents for $ 12. They sold for $ 16.

Over the next few months, he continued to do so. Every little win helped.

In addition to marking up the prices of the plants somewhat, little Aaron also received tips from generous customers. Soon he had amassed hundreds of dollars in profits.

At the same time, Aaron launched his own page on social media.

On Instagram, he has more than 25,000 people who are interested in buying their plants and following his journey.

The business helped them raise awareness of their plight and soon a GoFundMe site was created for them.

At the time of writing, the collection was up to $ 40,000.

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