Sunday , October 2 2022

"You're not ashamed …", Calu Rivero got a strong critique


Calu Rivero He returned to Argentina to resume an old forgotten love, action. But he did not leave his profession that gave him so much satisfaction during the time he lived in New York, modeling. Following his difficult decision to leave "Dulce Amor", the actor She went to "Big Apple" and was employed by major and important brands to be the visible face of her advertising campaigns.

That's where goddess utilized its already growing passion for fashion so that from one moment to another became very famous and sought after by the most exclusive brands clothing, shoes, accessories, among other things. Now that she has returned to her homeland, the brunette prepares for the premiere "Campanas en la noche", the Phonebook with Esteban Lamothe, while the cause of sexual harassment that started her former colleague is solved by Juan Darthés.

However, even though she knows that she made the right decision to return, Calu was invited to travel again by Longchamp, a French leather goods company that chose her as a model to present her new collection of briefcases, envelopes, handbags, including exclusive items of this international brand founded in Paris, France. "Then my adventure begins in Kenya," wrote young with a photo with a stunning natural landscape behind.

"Every time I travel, I feel a little point in" I'm convinced that love connects us, surpasses cultural differences and traditions, we are all, we are all connected and it is a very comforting feeling for me, "he wrote in another publication with new photos of the production of photos.

When we saw the pictures, a netice sent a suggestive phrase: "This piba of any labura?" Without knowing it was a work trip and not for pleasure or vacation, although Calu knows how to combine both things perfectly.

But it was not the notice that was noticed, but then the artist was asked that they believed that it was a solidarity mission, like those she had previously done in much-needed countries. "Do not you be shy about going to Kenya to make a safari with people's poverty and hunger … just to take care of her in solidarity?" One person wrote in the social network's comments. Another Internet user added: "We came to the southern area of ​​Rosario … we are a step down from Kenya".

Huge! Look at the pictures:

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