The Xbox Scarlett and the PS5 consoles can change the history of the video game as we know it so far. Or at least influence it decisively. There are many expectations for the new generation of consoles. Although we hardly know any official details, we know that Microsoft is fully dedicated to the development of its next assortment of consoles.

We do not currently know if the leaks will be confirmed and we will have two types of consoles that mimic the ecosystem of Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart would be these two new consoles. In any case, according to Mark Aldrup, head of Headup Games (Studio Creator of Silver Chains), The Xbox Scarlett and PS5 consoles will change the videojuegos direction.

The next generation can come up with some of the most important changes to the console history. For example, with services such as video streaming, service subscriptions, diskless systems etc. available in the next generation. We are very curious to see what they are holding Sony and Microsoft (and later Nintendo) in their sleeve.

From a development perspective, we hope that it will once again be a defined technical system for a couple of years. This has always been one of the greatest benefits of consoles; that developers can concentrate on optimizing a game for a hardware, rather than making sure that the games go into a variety of specifications. As it happens in PC or mobile, "the director of Headup Games commented.

Author: Paloma (SomosXbox)

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